Evolution Is Everything - Part I

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Key info

Name of run was Evolution Is Everything - Part I

Run: Evolution Is Everything - Part I

Run was GM'd by User:Awesomo Moustachio (/u/Awesomo_Moustachio)

Completed: 2018-03-05



Run Description

Runners arrive at the offshore facility. Most geared up and ready to work. Lots of hustle and bustle at the location. Small semi trailer is parked and being loaded. There is an on edge feeling but well secured. The runners are waved through as they arrive. The runners enters building 3. Smogg sets up DNI. The meet is a true convention of past Johnsons. The Johnson blame a rival group for past interference of atrocities. The Olympiad Progress Initiative is the target. A rival corp. Based out of Europe. Set in the old ways of the greek-roman gods. They have:

  • Funded a smuggling ring (now destroyed). People still alive.
  • Spy planted in Johnsons corp
  • Aided weapon smuggles
  • Toxic mages ties
  • Pathogen based armaments.
  • Complete disrespect for life and nature.

This Team will be handling things on the Seattle side. 10 Hours to prepare. Hit two sites. Take out executives. Get them out of operation. Weapons provided. Support/diversion team provided.

There are rumors that OPI have simmilarities to Winternight

The Mission

Site Data

Bellvue HQ

  • May contain information
  • 4 Floors
  • Seems very secure
  • 300+ people
  • 3000 sq m
  • Independent Security
  • KE on backup
  • Executrives:
    • Louchenzo Bianchi
  • Astral
    • Quiet
    • Slight background count from the core
  • Rooftop
    • Two taller building nearby
    • Guard on roof
  • Loading dock
    • Tight security
  • Sewer
    • Very small pipes. Custom made.

Northern Tacoma Dock Facility

  • 1 Floor mainly
  • Toxic Mages?
  • Hazardous Material
  • 100-150 people
  • 4200 sq m
  • Shipping
  • Waste facility
  • Large generators and such
  • Evac Plan:
    • 1 Board Ships
    • 2 Board Vehicles
    • 3 Exit for public transportation


  • Silvio must be killed
  • Executives

Attack @ Docks

  1. Spoof camera to ensure executives are on top floor
  2. Smogg hack to lover security gate
  3. Crash drive in with roadmaster
  4. Frost levitates team to top
  5. Crash drone blast window
  6. Smogg lock in executives on top floor
  7. Grenades and chunky salsa!
  8. Team deals with hostile spirits
  9. Strike team called in to wrap up

Attack @ HQ

  1. Drive to HQ. Smogg keeping mark on the host.
  2. Crash drives to entrance
  3. Team rush the lobby
  4. Turrets reprogrammed
  5. Elevator Crashed
  6. Runners storm lobby and move up two sets of stairs
  7. Executive section hacked and locked off
  8. Runners assault top floor security
  9. Executive section unlocked. Runners storm the floor.
  10. Executives including the two prime targets eliminated.
  11. Commlinks retrived
  12. Crash obtain paydata from the host
  13. Smogg FAQ the host
  14. Report back to Johnson


  • other locations

Hosts of Interest

HQ Host

  • Rating 8
    • Attack 9
    • Sleaze 8
    • Data P 10
    • Firewall 11
  • Everything is unslaved before exiting the building

Tacoma Docks Host

  • Rating 7
    • Attack 9
    • Sleaze 7
    • Data P 8
    • Firewall 10
  • Greek themed
  • Layout matches facility
    • Executives are likely the senators
    • 3 Patrol IC (1 active)
    • 1 Acid IC
    • 1 Killer IC
    • No spider identified.


OPI Docks.jpg

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Run Result

  • tbd
  • Payment up front: ¥0
  • Payment in Escrow: ¥30000
  • Bonus: ¥10000

Runner Profit: ¥40000

Runner Karma: 20


  • Smogg
    • Hot-VR
    • Speedball: Loco

Misc Data Entry