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2017-09-01 19:00 UTC Players: 2-5 Duration: 2-8 hours hours Communication: Roll20 and Discord In-Game Location: Downtown or Neo-Tokyo Game Theme: Counter-Wetwork Game Type: Pink Trench-coat (Post-Cyberpunk) Prerequisites: RP Prompt: What are your opinions of the Japanese Imperial State? What are your opinions of Neo J-Pop Idols? Do drakes or dragons scare you enough to let a scared and confused little girl die? Description: "Hello, chummers. I have a unique job this time, instead of assassinating people or stealing from someone, you will be protecting a VIP, some Pop Idol from Japan. Apparently, the contract holder doesn't trust their security team to get the job done, as apparently, her world tour is getting bomb threats and assassination threats, and the contract holder is offering a substantial reward." - Fixer von Fixer.


Jawbreaker, Turkish, Wu, Smogg, Knox

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Jawbreaker and Turkish fought Toxic Shamans and Nuclear Spirits possessing Hellhounds, with Turkish being put into overflow in that encounter. During the final confrontation with assassins, Yumi Agano ended up going through her first ever transformation as a Drake resulting in the Team, having to knock her out, as she turned hostile.

Nuyen Reward could also be obtained at a rate of 60k in gear, ware, and magical goods.

AAR bits

Turkish ¥24000 Upgrading Pain Editor from Standard to Betaware ¥13500 Upgrading Mnemonic Enhancers from R1 to R2 ¥22500 A yuge fuck-off pile of reagents (1125) 4 karma

Smogg Used HotVR Takes: ¥12.000: Vision Enhancement (3) ¥14.000: Symbiotes (4) ¥17.000: Platelet Factories ¥5.000: Ingram Smartgun X w/ Advanced Safety System, (75x) APDS, Chameleon Coating, Electronic Firing, Extended Clip (2), Gecko Grip, Personalized Grip, (3x) Spare Clips, (50x) Stick-n-Shock, Trigger Removal ¥4.000: (5x) Symbiotes 4 -> Lifestyle ¥8.000: Fairlight Caliban 4 karma

/u/Dbow01 -Knox adaptsin (30K) and upgrading Wired Reflexes 2 to Alphaware (29800) And 4 Karma

Pilots Pilot 1: Sito Pilot 2: Hibaki Technomancer Schooled Nationalists! Follows the old way Top of their class First time for Yumiano Butler Clyde Williams (UK) Traditionalist 3 years with the family Chef Rio Naminata Oni Rights Activist! Top of the class Japan and Italian cooking

Airstrip Relatively simple. Concert Several genres, primarily Japanese Open-air, near the imperial palace 500 000 attendees (JFC) “Tight” security (with half a million attendees, ha) Talkshow event, debate with some party candidates. Light security. Security affiliated with people who dislike her. Smogg on overwatch Uninteresting information on the fan sites. Ork/Oni Liberation Front = quasi-anarchist Seeking reparations for a bunch of stuff Ultra-Traditionalist Weeb Humanis. Traditionalist racists. UCAS terrorists Stage clear!

Wu Prep in the morn Fire Spirit f4 3 task 0 drain

Jawbreaker (Dusk) /u/mitsayantan Using ¥60,000 + 2000 from my own pocket to upgrade standard muscle augmentation 4 to betaware