"Just bring me back my baby!"

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Simple extraction of a rich frat boy from the greasy "clutches" of his troll lover in Carbonado, which was under the control of the 'Desperados el Nino'


Nimbus, Emmet, Pheonix, Redbone

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Completely silent extraction So there was this gang of runners taking a stupidly easy job. They were invited to a snazzy restaurant where only one of them decided to wolf down REAL milk ice cream with with gold flakes. The rest just sat there despite being obviously invited. So impolite. They were given the job to get back a man's son. Or rather a frat boy. And he was in a bad, sleazy, dirty place. Luckily they got some rather up-to-date coordinates and instantly used Nimbus' car to charge with mach 1 towards the place. Naturally they got a good badly-paved-road-massage on their way there so that they were completely relaxed and ready when they got there. Then they snatched a single guy, Emmet being the distraction and Phoenix being all sneaky like for the take-down. After dragging him into the car and becoming invisible they stripped the poor lad and Redbone took his identity, finding out where they had to go from their poor, innocent victim. Pretending to be ganger applicants they quickly and easily got where they had to be. After a short meet with the drunk gang-leader they began to silently and quickly take out the guards and anyone else that might be in the way. When they finally got to their target they found what they had already begun to assume and slightly dread. Professionally dread. Tearing the busy lovers apart they quickly got the hell out of there and dropped the boy off at the designated destination (Phoenix almost blew it). Grabbing the payment the milk run then reached its end... or did it?