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Key info

Name of run was 5 Minutes

Run: 5 Minutes

Run was GM'd by User:Spoge93 (/u/Spoge93)

Part 1: 2018-03-03

Part 2: 2018-03-11 15:00 UTC (Planned)



Run Description

Part 1

The team met with a Saeder-Krupp Johnson at a nice restaurant. There were casual conversation while the actual details were discussing in DNI. The Johnson hired the group to retrieve three data chips from a Mitsuhama site in downtown. A dangerous task where the runners would also be well compensated. The site was a 20 stories building with the top 3 floor working as a zero site location. The team accepted after some negotiation. The prototype data needed related to development over a longer timespan so for the purpose of the mission, time was not an issue.

The team started legwork, scouting out the location and doing extensive matrix research. Lots of information was obtained from deep matrix searches over many days that would clue the team in on who had access to the top floor, the security setup, nearby buildings and more. Smogg did a host dive to obtain some personal files and to scout out the host in general confirming the heavy use of drones. A drone was marked up and used to scout the inside of the building revealing a drop-off point at floor 17.

Eventually sufficient information was obtained to confirm that Kitamura Nyoko was likely the Dawnkins member that Turkish was looking for in his side mission. He offered 10K each to help out obtain this person. Smogg declined that pay but would take data recovered to his own broker hopefully to get some extra pay for the team as well.

Some time was now spend investigating Kitamura Nyoko and a magical ambush was planned at her temple. Turkish dominated her mind, and Alibi took her place for the rest of the day stealing her identity. Turish and Smogg set up some magic and matrix interrogating and mind probing and thus retrieved data critical to Turkish trail and valuable data on both MCT and Dawnkins to be sold to Wuxing Inc..

Part 2

With a good plan of Alibi infiltrating the MTC site the plan changed again.... A contact was used to set Smogg up with a fake sin as a Yang Hong, a MCT Chief Technical Executive flown in from the Hong Kong branch to oversee the progress of the project. Turkish transformed into a spider and hid in Smogg's pocket and Alibi stole the identity of Kitamura Nyoko. The team entered the building and quickly got access to the lower part with three marks on the hosts. "Chief Technical Executive Yang Hong" and "Kitamura Nyoko" being the most senior on the site easily intimidated staff with requests of financial audits and risk logs. Smogg hacked the rating 6 sin scanners letting the group though without testing their SIN. At floor 17 Alibi delt with the access code while Smogg hacked the retinal scanner. Once inside Turkish tricked their magical defenses and their assessing. Another sin scanner was hacked and the group entered the zero zone. The team soon got the project leader sweating as he was facing a barrage of unpleasant questions and cross checks in areas of finance, progress, risk, design, blueprints, status and testing. The team got access to the target chips, quickly copied by Smogg. With access to the prototype, Smogg discovered that the project was working on reverse engineering a highly dangerous xenosapient AI. An almost impossible project that would explain the lack of progress. Smogg gathered large amount of data from the zero zone project and the general host before the team headed back out. The Johnson paid the reward as promised. Turkish set up a deal with Herr Brackhaus, to sell him the Dawnkins operative. Good money and Turkish got some extremely valuable information. tbd Smogg sold all paydata on MCT to Mei Chaofeng collecting good money for the team and receiving a major boon from Wuxing Inc.. tbd

The Mission

MCT Site Data

  • Nearby Buildings
    • Parking, Mall and Residential (to some degree) open to public
    • Yakuza presence (See map)
    • Rival Wuxing building
    • More friendly Shiawase building
  • Floor 1-17
    • Lots of Drones
    • External Additional Security: Emperors Finest
    • Fire escape goes to 17th Floor
    • Half up the building has a high rating SIN scan checkpoint
    • Some SIN scanning by the entrance along with detectors.
    • Floor 1 contain scanners, reception, entrance, lobby
    • Floor 5 contain drone maintenance and technical support
    • Floor 10 contain rating 6 SIN scanner extensive SIN checking. Drones pass right through.
    • Floor 17 contain storage and drop of point by a secure door.
  • Floor 18-20
    • Zero zone.
    • Preference for Seven-7
    • Drones
    • Hardwired but no faraday cage
    • Roof contain concealed hatch, wires and devices.
    • Roof hatch likely monitored by sensors.


Persons with top level access:

  • Some guy MCT just did not want to let go of.
  • Some guy, fresh on the site. Moved up to top floors.
  • Some guy. Very loyal corp kid. Keeps to himself. Lives to work.

The MTC figurehead and evangelist: Kitamura Nyoko

  • Attend lots of events and travels to Japan HQ
  • Spend minimum time in temple
  • Travel everywhere with heavy armed rigger support
  • MysAd Magic 8
  • Undercover Dawnkins operative!


  1. Alibi will infiltrate the building as Kitamura Nyoko to copy the mission data
  2. If a data tap can be placed, Smogg can support on the wired host.
  3. Sell of Kitamura Nyoko to a rival corp. (likely through Herr Brackhaus or Mei Chaofeng)
  4. Smogg will sell paydata on MCT and Dawnkin to Mei Chaofeng


  • MCT Mall
  • MCT Parking
  • MCT Manufacturing
  • MCT Residential
  • MCT Warehouse
  • Yakuza Nightclub
  • Yakuza Money Laundering Operation
  • Yakuza Hotel
  • Wuxing Building
  • Shiawase Building

Hosts of Interest

  • MCT Main Host
    • Rating 8
    • Attack 9
    • Sleaze 8
    • Data Processing 10
    • Firewall 11
    • Sculpting: Layout matches the building but with larger virtual rooms.
    • Security tactics: Link-locking and Biofeedback
    • Security Flaws: Equipment remain slaved to host outside building as well.
  • MCT Zero Zone Host
    • Wired
    • Rating ?
    • Cables and devices on roof likely part of network
    • Drones are trailing cables linked to host
    • Could be accessed remotely if compromised with cable or datatap.


MCT Map.jpg

{{#display_map: 47.609964, -122.325032 ~MCT, Target Building|width=400|height=400 }}

Run Result

  • tbd

Rewards per Runner

  • Payment in Escrow: ¥60000
  • Paydata: ¥30000 (Smogg gets Legendary Rep (Wuxing) and Mei Chaofeng increase to con 10)
  • Selling the prisoner: ¥30000 (Turkish get some very valuable information instead)
  • Shared Expenses: -¥4950

Runner Profit: ¥90000

Runner Karma: 15


  • Smogg
    • Hot-VR
    • Speedball: Loco

Misc Data Entry