A Dangerous Game

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Key info

Name of run was A Dangerous Game.

Run was GM'd by User:Luciferos

Setting: The Matrix Magic War

Run completed on date 2017-08-05 09:00 UTC

The runners are directed to a club in Downtown, Area 51, where they meet Mr. Masuku, an older ork businessman who hires them to 'retrieve' some goods for a James White Bear that were taken from him due to a 'misunderstanding' and deliver them to his 'associates.' Without much ado, the runners accept after haggling over the pay, which is probably good because they quickly discover upon meeting the older Native American man that not only does he want them to 'retrieve' are stored in two KE police depots, one in Kent and another on the Renton side of Coalfield. To make matters more interesting, White Bear wants them to disguise as Halloweeners and go loud when making the second hit. The old man is apparently a hacker of some skill and offers to provide Matrix overwatch on the job.

Puffin's Mafia contacts provide a van for their use, and Xiang's Yakuza contacts are able to provide some advice and general security layouts and floor plans for the first station, revealing a fairly complex facility layout, moderately well-staffed even on the third shift. This is when he gets the bright idea of having the two newer runners, Street Sweeper and Infamy, start a fist fight in the street out in front of the cophouse in the middle of the night to distract people on the third shift while he and Xiang hit the warehouse. Calling a couple of contacts known for their street wisdom, the runners are surprised to discover that neither object to this plan - only adding that it's probably a good idea to wear disguises, and have the street fighters bug out before getting caught by the cops unless they want to cool their heels in a cell for a while.

The first leg of the plan goes off with nary a hitch, save for a bit of scuffed paint. Infamy, disguised as an actual clown, and Street Sweeper in the guise of a hobo, just run out in front of the police station and get into a highly believable fist fight, bringing more amused onlookers than police looking to break the fight up on the tail end of a boring night shift. Puffin, with some quick thinking, gets the security man guarding the evidence warehouse entrance to bug out and Xiang quickly and quietly subdues an officer out in the back lot who starts to call in a report when he sees an elderly Asian woman driving an unmarked van into their rear vehicle storage area. Just as they finish loading the crates, the bumfighters out front scamper off, and the team out back peels out just before some cops make it into the warehouse and start firing after them.

The second leg is supposed to be even easier, and starts off that way. Puffin waits in the van out back, as Infamy and Xiang in their Halloweener disguises kick in the front door and blitz the limited building security, chucking molotov cocktails everywhere. Street Sweeper, in his efforts to make his trid-recorded reality show building entrance flashy, scales the cophouse to enter through the roof access and misses, smashing his shoulder into the wall next to the door once before trying again and getting it right as his heavily augmented and drugged-out body shoulder checks a door into oblivion - only to send himself surfing down the staircase immediately on the other side on his heels, barely keeping his feet.

For the first little bit, everything seems like it's going to perfection, until a panicked call from White Bear comes in yelling that there's HTR bearing down on their location and his as well, and to, quote verbatim, "fuck the crates" and get out of there and come extract him. With only one crate loaded, the whole crew is in the van and out the back door, only to have a heavily armed and armored man pop out of an alley nearby and fill the front grill of the van with lead from a military-grade assault rifle. Puffin's smooth driving keeps the van sufficiently in one piece, and Infamy, pulling an insane maneuver, opens the rear door of the violently swerving van, leans out while bracing herself, and blasts the shooter's gun clean out of his hands. Puffin has to gun it as he sees another ambusher pop out and shoulder an RPG, taking the van up on two wheels to avoid the rocket that just barely misses the van and takes out the edge of a building as he peels around a corner.

Arriving at White Bear's location, flashes of gunfire are visible within one of the warehouses, and they head right for it. Xiang's unnaturally keen eyes spot an RPC-cloaked man on the warehouse roof watching for them with another rocket launcher, and puts a round into his throat before he can even act, proving once and for all that she is a true Hawk Eye. The team flies into the warehouse and disgorges from the van into a firefight, assisted by a couple grenade throws from a blonde elf woman hiding back in the corner where James White Bear is supposed to be, hunkered down with a bandolier of grenades. With scalpel-like precision, the full team of professional combat shadowrunners levels the HTR squad trying to catch and bag their Johnson, and Street Sweeper literally sweeps the strangely not-an-old-man woman off her feet...and she immediately faints in his arms.

Just as the team pulls out of the warehouse, another heavy van comes screaming in, presumably with more HTR, only to suddenly change directions and gun the accelerator, smashing through the fence and through another building. The woman's eyes pop open after that, a bit of blood tricking from her nose as she doubles over with a headache swearing about spiders, and Xiang suddenly starts to piece things together in the confusion: the woman is a hacker who made the last van careen out of control. The rest of her suspicions are confirmed a moment later when the others ask where James White Bear is, and she replies, voice changing even as she does so: "Isn't it obvious, Anglo? I'm James White Bear," finishing in the gravelly voice of their Johnson before switching back.

The elf woman's overall physique, combined with her decent height and White Bear being a bit scrawny for a man, as one might expect from an older fellow, actually is a pretty good match, and by the time they arrive at the strange hacker's prescribed drop-off point, s/he has changed their skin color, hair, voice, face, and even made their breasts disappear, and James White Bear steps out of the van and argues with some Halloweeners, who eventually acquiesce to whatever they're arguing about and take the one crate and leave in peace. The runners get paid, and 'White Bear' even throws in a bonus of some safehouses for the team's use to cool their heels after the heat. It seems like that's the end of it all until they flip on the news over the next couple days to find their Johnson pinned all over terrorist Most Wanted lists...

Locations Involved

  • Area 51
  • Tukwila warehouse
  • Kent police depot
  • Coalfield (Renton) police depot
  • Maplewood warehouse

Important People

  • Sally Rise, under the guise of James White Bear, an older Native American who decked for the runner team.
  • Mr. Masuku, a strange nervous ork businessman who works as Sally Rise's intermediary

Impact on Setting

  • The Ancients and Halloweeners now have go-crews heavily armed with SWAT-grade firepower, enough to build their own HTR units.
  • The Halloweeners got blamed for the robberies and attacks.
  • Public confidence in Knight Errant would probably be in decline with the culmination of recent events.

Facts and Fictions

Runners and Rewards

Base Karma: 4, Nuyen: 20000. Additional award: 3 prepaid months of 2/2/2 Bolt Hole lifestyle in C zone of choice

  • Puffin : Took standard award. Took Kamikaze.
  • Infamy : Took standard award. Took Kamikaze. Took Psyche.
  • Xiang : WFTM 1 karma > 2000 NuYen. Paid a 500 NuYen bribe to make a questionable SIN check 'go away' pre-meet. Due to spotting a hidden ambusher on a roof with a rocket launcher hidden in RPC/chameleon coating from a distance and taking them down in one shot, bought the Hawk Eye quality at chargen rate.
  • Street Sweeper : In spite of his best efforts, did not earn any Public Awareness due to properly applied disguises and a media blackout on his activities. Took standard award.
  • Total Group Expenses: 600 NuYen for information, 150 NuYen for molotov cocktails.


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