A Study of Blue

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Date Completed


Details of Job (What the J Wanted Done)

An artist hires the team to take astral pictures of an artifact secured in an Aztechnology ET zone

Opposition' (What the Runners Went up Against)

Aztechnology corpsec / Leopard HTR team

'Complications' (What Went Wrong)

The initial infiltration was blown by a watcher spirit, forcing Accursed and Boots to fight their way out. In the end Source and Thor had to fast-talk the events manager to keep her from confirming their false appointment with their professor

'Threat Level' (As Detailed in the GM Guide)



Boots, Source, Accursed, Thor

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward



Accursed burned 2 edge to influence spell 2 of the corpsec guards to think the other guards were in on it and attack them. It was pretty likely that without that at least one, probably both runners would have been captured. Near the end, Source burned edge to get 3 marks on the Event Manager's commlink so he could block it from calling the professor and blowing their cover, this also would have almost definetly ended in their capture, especially after the security was increased from the initial botched break-in