A Thaumaturgist's Night Out

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The run:

Runners were hired by a Johnson from Saeder Krupp to protect VIP Johnathan Fürst, an SK Thaumaturgist that specializes in background counts. After being flown in from Germany earlier in the week, he had been asking for a day off to explore some of the sights in Seattle, and eventually got his wish granted on the condition that he would be escorted by a team of NET runners to ensure his safety. The sight he wished to visit was the Alabaster Maiden, a famous awakened club in downtown Seattle.

The outcome:

It became apparent to the team that somebody was targeting VIP after a suspicious mage caused a ceiling fan to fall in an attempt to injure him. SamSho was able to identify 6 hostiles surrounding the building, and rather than fighting the opposition head on, the team convinced the bartender to call Knight Errant to secure the situation, considering suspicious activities and whatnot. 2 of the hostiles rushed into the bar and attempted to subdue the opposition before KE could respond. The fighting ended after Cenote indirectly convinced a club patron (who presumably had Superhuman Psychosis) to shoot a massive fireball at everyone fighting. Cenote orders his Spirit of Water to put out the flames and the entire team sneaks out the back door in order to avoid the 4 remaining hostiles.

The team returned to the Johnson with the VIP and were given a bonus for keeping him unharmed.


Ironsides, SamSho, Eclipse, Cenote, Callistria

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

1000 nuyen bonus for keeping VIP unharmed. Cenote got +2 karma for putting out the fire that started in the club.