A Trail of Breadcrumbs

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Key info

Name of run was A Trail of Breadcrumbs.

Run was GM'd by User:Luciferos

Setting: The Matrix Magic War

Run completed on date 2017-07-15 23:00 UTC

  • Sally Rise, the Johnson, hired the runners to retrieve information about a Seraph Kincaid who was abducted mysteriously - leads on who did it, where they took the kidnap victim if possible, and retrieval of the victim if a snatch and grab is possible.
  • The runners investigated the site of the disappearance, which led to a two-pronged infiltration of BSKK, a Shiawase-subsidiary biotech research firm who it seemed highly probable the vic was abducted by.
  • After infiltrating a secure off-matrix black site in the heart of the compound crawling through the vents, they discover a hacker collective working inside the confines of the corporation to glean information on their bioware research. This hacking entity VirAwake is searching for a solution to one of the Sixth World's 'Philosopher's Stones', dissolving or bridging the relative insolvency of the Matrix and the Astral, and kidnapped Kincaid - an Awakened mage rigger - to further this goal.
  • Mrs. Johnson gets her info, the runners get paid, and nobody stabs anyone in the back. Mrs. J is furious that Lola tripped security, but is ameliorated by the amount of data she retrieves, and gives a paydata bonus that's a wash with the discretionary bonus she withholds.

Locations Involved

  • RAGE nightclub in Spring Lake, Renton
  • Burēntekku Sōken KK

Important People

  • Sally Rise (Mrs. Johnson) - recurring story character.
  • No other significant NPCs were encountered.

Impact on Setting


Facts and Fictions

Runners and Rewards

Base Karma: 6, Nuyen: 20000

  • Lola : Did not WFTM or WFTP.
  • Tamp : WFTP 8k to 4 karma.
  • Alibi : WFTP 10k to 5 karma. Took Cram, slotted Infiltrator BTL.
  • Ahayuta : WFTP 10k to 5 karma. Took Cram. Owes his Fixer, Mrs. Reyes, a chip for getting a fancy car on short notice for social infiltration (Can I Borrow That). Rolled to successfully Initiate (grade 1) after run.
  • Baldur : WFTP 10k to 5 karma. Rolled to successfully Initiate (grade 1)
  • Total Group Expenses:


Misc Data Entry