Adam Bell

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Adam Bell.jpg
Gender Male
Race XenoAI?
Aura Type Resonance

Key Info

GM: User:Rejakor

Setting: Spacewar


Adam William Bell is best described by the trail of destruction left in his wake. For these details, check the related runs.

Following things are fairly certain but not all is known in character:

  • Likely infected with Nano Augmentive Virus (NAV)
  • He has/had a love interest, clued by a ring in his possession.
  • His methods of mass murder involves taking over devices and use them to kill people.
  • He is known to do comprehensive editing of all digital trails
  • He has proven capable of taking over hosts, A spider and AI by deep mind hacking.
  • After taking over Spider/AI, they will be assisting with his matrix manipulations.
  • He seems capable of punching people through their ripcage and smashing their hearts
  • He may also let powerful drones do it and then edit the images to make it seem like he did it.
  • He has been destroying facilities linked to the research he was part of.
  • He has been using a communication array to establish communication between Denver, Tokyo and Jupiter Orbital.
  • He will employ Johnsons to hire Shadowrunners for his purposes.
  • He is quick to terminate those who work for him, if he becomes angry.
  • There is something alien about him and the way he thinks.
  • There is a sense of "void"/absence about him
  • Thrives on pain and fear
  • Family Discovered:
    • Wife: Patricia Bell
    • Daughter: Anne Bell

Anyone who knows more, feel free to add more info

Investigation Loose Ends

Finding and stopping Adam Bell is a priority for a small handful of runners. He is deadly and hard to track, but this is a list of possible leads to follow.

  • Troll Johnson, killed by Adam Bell at the museum of natural history.
    • Home, Friends, Contacts, Data?
  • Tsunami Corp. Mercs affiliated with the Troll Johnson.
    • Any fixers or contacts with connection to Tsunami Corp?
  • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Who is leading the investigation? KE? FBI? Other?
    • What did they discover?
    • The missing Jade Box (Xicuculi Box)
  • Adam Bell
    • His face from recordings and persona
    • The name Adam Bell
    • Any Magical Avenues?
    • Any contacts who may know something?
      • Renraku? (or Renraku Johnson who hired runners to kill Adam Bell)
      • Ares? (part of the initial research on alien nannotech)
  • Adam Bell's love interest?
    • Can we find out who she is? Ideas?
  • Space Agenda - What is he up to?
    • What is at the Jupiter Orbital System?
    • How does this relate to Tokyo and Denver?
  • Any relation to Hye Nguyen?


Song Lee's Poem (chinese):

Above the dragon's mountain

Lies a key, writ in gold

The light of the setting sun your guide

You will find amongst the ashes of humility

the discarded heart

of the Stone Man

Analysis Options

  1. Lisa Chang, a PhD chinologist working out of the Museum of Natural and Magical History. Her father has serious gambling debts to the triads.
  2. Ping Ho Lee, a guy who runs a magic item shop. Knows a fair bit about chinese magical lore. Sometimes acts as a fence for stolen chinese magical items.
  3. Ye Hua Xi, a chinese shadow magician (as in, uses shadow magic, but also, underworld) known as the Golden-Robed Emperor of South Seattle
  4. Imin Su Liao, an indian/chinese modern poet who uses traditional and modern styles and is rumoured to be a diviner himself.



Related Runs

Facts and Fictions

Titles and Great Deeds

Things said and known about them

WhatWho SaidViaThresholdAccuracyReference
He murdered everyone on a black-ops site in Amazonas. He also mind-hacked the security spiderSmoggShadow Community599Bonny Sailor Boy I
He murdered all passengers on a space shuttleSmoggShadow Community599Bonny Sailor Boy II
He murdered all security and analysts on a black-ops space station and enslaved the security AISmoggShadow Community599Bonny Sailor Boy III
I think you'll find that I have the power to enforce my demandsAdam BellShadow Community4100It's Aviation Time, And All I Do Is Fly
He likes to punch people through their heartSmoggShadow Community490Luna, Luna
He murdered a Mr. Johnson involved in destruction of a target in spaceSmoggShadow Community680Red-Hot
He is a superhuman murderous technomancer matrix illusionist enhanced by alien nanotechSmoggShadow Community459Red-Hot

Things they said or know about

Adam BellI think you'll find that I have the power to enforce my demandsShadow Community4100It's Aviation Time, And All I Do Is Fly

Quotes Involving Them

Said ByAboutWhat
Adam BellTiberiusYOU ARE NEXT!
Adam BellProfessorYOU ARE NEXT!
SmoggAdam BellHe is dangerous.
Adam BellXiangYOU ARE NEXT!
Adam BellSmoggYOU ARE NEXT!