Agricultural Recon

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The Runners are hired by a Wuxing Johnson to find and retrieve a missing talismonger crew that is harvesting east of Snohomish near the Mariaz Manifold Industries mine (which is itself near the abandoned Sunset Copper mine).

They meet and interview some of the locals (Bob Bush in the Bush House bed and breakfast, Emil Rodriguez at the Rodriguez household). And at the Mariaz Manifold Industries gate, they found that the group was likely at the abandoned Sunset Mine, as they'd been seen just a day before at the gate. The spirit they'd sent searching reported just before sunset that it had found them, then winked out. Fortunately for the group, they brought it back to find out that it was a second cave that had the survivors in it, and that it was past a pack of shadowhounds. In the distance, they heard monstrous howls. To go with the bearlike claw-marks at 4m up the sturdy trees.

They succeed in sneaking up on the Hounds. Kitten faces her fears and drops on one from above, half killing it in a single pounce. Arlington leapt to her defense, becoming the target for five at once, limning the fight with lightning and strobing light from his shield. Whiskey showed he's not all talk and spirits by wounding the pile of dogs (and unfortunately Arlington and Kitten as well).

When the dust (and pale pink mist), and the berserk rage of Arlington from being wounded by magic, settled, the mulch of wolves covered the clearing, and the survivors were able to be rescued. Reagents harvested at the Rodriguez house were also turned in for a small bonus.


Whiskey, Arlington, Kitten(Silith), Overseer, Eclipse

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Contacts: Bob Bush (Infobroker, b&b receptionist, 1/1) ; Emil Rodriguez (Moonshiner, (services) 2/1)

Kitten has faced her fears in actual combat with dogs. She can, if she chooses to before the next run, she can lower the severity of one or both phobias. I have recommended dogs.

Arlington can purchase Outdoorsman at chargen cost for the backgrounding and followthrough on the wilderness skills.

Eclipse can buy sharpshooter at chargen prices, should they choose to. The threeway dice shot was remarkable and failed to touch Arlington.