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Alibi Token.png
Gender ?
Race Human, Japanese
Special Adept
Primary Roles Social Infiltrator, Face, Melee Combatant
Character Sheet [Dropbox Link]
Player User:Malibi

Summary for GMs

Basic Info

Alibi is a hybrid social infiltrator, who is pursuing multiple primary roles at once. Principally, they can be thought of as a face or a melee adept. Their choices tend strongly towards being beneath notice; Alibi can function effectively with minimal equipment in very hostile environments, just by convincing everyone that they belong there.

Alibi is a strong pick for extraction runs, heist runs, runs that play with moral dilemmas/conflicting obligations, and runs that require discretion and finesse.

Alibi is not a good pick for "heroic" runs, as the character is unassuming and is outclassed in terms of brute force by other characters with similar RVP investment.


An androgynous, shape-shifting adept seeking to uphold traditional values -- and to profit by any available means -- as an imperfect avatar of their mentor spirit, Inari.

Relationships with Other Characters

Prefers to run with Solomon where possible.

Is a member of a Shinto Initiatory Group, alongside Gunmetal Black, Kunai, and Gilgamesh. One of their strictures is Deed (Assist Spirits).

Owes Jawbreaker a favor as a result of the events of Synergy (Part 3).



"My name is Kohaku KAGAMI. This is the first and last time that that name will pass my lips in your presence. I do not want that name to cause you any difficulty, and I offer you the chance to undo the hearing of it. But that is for later.

Until recently, I was a komon within the Kagami-gumi of Kyoto. Changes in management have cut my obligations to my former gumi. My specialty was not what was widely believed.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a particular kumi-in be seen drinking tea and playing shogi, many blocks away from an unfortunate warehouse fire. Sometimes, kumi-in need to show honorless gangers their place, the day after a cowardly ambush that should have required an extended period of contemplation and convalescence.

And at other times, it is conceivable that a happenstance event might benefit the gumi. Should such a thing occur, it would not do to have baseless rumors circulating of the gumi's involvement in what was clearly the will of the kami.

I humbly suggest that my skills may be of use to you. If you wish it, I will gladly provide you a demonstration, though regrettably certain aspects of the process need be performed in private circumstances.

I had told you that I would not burden you with my name if you did not wish it. In the envelope you will find a letter of reference and two vials of laés. The letter you may use to verify my identity. Once you have done so, I suggest you verify the contents of the vials and administer one to Takahashi-san, who I understand watches over you in these uncertain times. The other you may do as you wish with.

I am in your care."

-- Alibi's petition to Nakamura-san of the Kanaga-gumi (translated from the Japanese)

Kohaku ("Amber") was born to an unmarried mother in the orbit of the Kagami-gumi of Kyoto, a very traditional, Old School Yakuza family. The early years were a difficult time, as Kohaku's amber eyes were thought to stem from impure blood. Their true meaning became clear during a 7-5-3 coming-of-age ceremony, when Kohaku first met Inari. (In folklore, children of a mixed human-kitsune parentage have such eyes.)

Inari ultimately taught Kohaku many useful things, which were noticed by the Awakened within the gumi. At their advisement, Kohaku was inducted into the Kagami-gumi, and began to act as a human Alibi for its more important members. Given Alibi's value to the gumi, inking the traditional irezumi was strictly forbidden.

This continued until this summer, when Alibi was abruptly and without explanation sent to Seattle by ship. Midway through the journey, a message arrived by commlink, simply saying "Live purely." Attached were AROs pointing to a set of contacts, and the necessary letters of recommendation to get started in Seattle.

While Alibi still does not know the details why, it has since come out that the Kagami-gumi's leadership was purged and their members dispersed to other organizations within the Watada-rengo.

Given that last message and the flavor of the contacts provided, Alibi is resolved to pursue a deeper spiritual connection with Inari while living according to past principles.

Significant Qualities

In rough order of importance to the character concept, some negative qualities:

  • Mentor Spirit (Raven): Almost never tries to resist the desires of Inari.
  • Faceless: Is downright phobic about their true appearance.
  • Designated Omega: Craves decisive leadership, when acknowledged.
  • Code of Honor (Omerta): Follows ninkyo, the idealized Yakuza code of honor.
  • Consummate Professional: Does not talk about previous runs. Separates life as a Shadowrunner from life as a private individual. Maintains multiple personas and a healthy sense of paranoia when dealing with contacts.
  • Dependent (Nuisance) Sake: Inari is the god of rice and prosperity. Also, alcohol is great at calming your nerves, sometimes.

In rough order of importance to the character concept, some positive qualities:

  • First Impressions: As a full-blown bodysnatcher with Presence (Impersonation), Alibi can read a situation and slide into a role very convincingly. Unfortunately, this does not come with any of the knowledges that a real, say, electrical engineer would actually have.
  • Honest Face: Ultimate control over the body includes those tells that might give away your intentions.
  • Mnemonic Vault/Memory Palace: Alibi makes extensive (some might say unhealthy) use of the Memory Displacement power to maintain discretion. Remembering things which you've magically forgotten, and furthermore resisting magical interrogation, is pretty important.
  • Innocuous/Subtle Pilot (Ground Craft): As a social infiltrator, is very adept at looking like they belong.
  • Poisoner: Toxins are very useful for a subtle takedown. Alibi has been training extensively in their use.


On one level, runs in order to please their mentor spirit, and prove their utility to the world at large. Given Alibi follows the god/goddess of prosperity, pleasing them and proving utility is something best thought of in economic terms.

On another, runs to exemplify proper living. There are things that the kami have allowed Alibi to do better than most anyone else, and so it would be wasteful to misuse their gifts.

And on yet another, runs to fulfill obligations. The concept of giri is very important to Alibi; sometimes, you do something because you have promised to (or have been promised to), no matter how unpleasant the action may be.


Wishes to find a place to belong and a purpose to fulfill, while living properly and growing in their faith.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Extremely flexible. Heavily favors Human appearances, and generally ethnically East Asian ones, but very rarely wears the same form twice.
  • Astral form/signature: When forced to project or when on a metaplane, their form usually does not change; however, never is shown as anything other than Human.
  • Matrix persona: Extremely basic. Has very little understanding of technology, so usually uses stock icons.
  • Styles and symbols known for: There is a slight fox theme; in armor, effectively has an Inari mask on in either the fashion-armor-and-ballistic-mask light form or the full-body-armor heavy form.


To be filled in~

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions



NameSIN RatingSIN TypeIssued by
斉藤 里 (Minori SAITO)5NationalUnited Canadian and American States
仲内 幸 (Yuki NAKAUCHI)4NationalUnited Canadian and American States
渡辺 優 (Yuu WATANABE)4NationalUnited Canadian and American States


DateNameWorked With
11 March 2017 07:00:00Deep In The Oceans BlueAlibi
12 May 2017 23:30:00God Game BlackNosorog
21 May 2017 03:00:00Speak The WordAlibi
Pork Chop
Binary Switch
24 May 2017 11:00:00Seattle Municipal Code - Section 22Alibi
4 June 2017 00:00:00A Study In YellowAlibi
7 June 2017 02:00:00The Rain It PoursAlibi
Jack Wire
15 July 2017 23:00:00A Trail of BreadcrumbsAlibi
Baldur Troll
15 July 2017 23:00:00Make the Sly Spy CryAlibi
Gunmetal Black
16 July 2017 06:30:00TemperatureAlibi
Gunmetal Black
22 July 2017 10:00:00DatajackAlibi
2 August 2017Party SnoopersAlibi
14 August 2017A small price to payAlibi
13 September 2017Be careful what you ask forAlibi
30 September 2017Cardinal SinAlibi
19 October 2017Working for the ManAlibi
20 January 2018Public pickupAlibi
19 February 2018That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal LieAlibi
5 March 2018MariposaAlibi
Assault Bunny
11 March 20185 MinutesAlibi
4 November 2018The Fall of the Pineapple RepublicAlibi
Train Wreck

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WhatWho SaidViaThresholdAccuracyReference
We killed a pair of martial artist twins, in honorable melee combat. They seemed to be bred as the living keys to the vault, probably earned the eternal wrath of their family.JawbreakerShadow Community380Temperature

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