All I Do Is Win

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Runners solve a MMA-wrestling-combo-association murder mystery. It turns out to be a martial artist who got into a Devil's Deal with a bug shaman and then worked for them to provide them hosts. The missing wrestler found out about this and then was promptly abducted to be turned into a host for the bug spirits. Runners solve the mystery via investigation and social skills, as well as martial prowess, and then go fight the bug hive, taking it out due to anti-spirit measures.


Talos, Wan, Cassius, Shokaki

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Fodder: Wannabe met a lot of her idols and got disillusioned with the fighting scene Run Hooks: Use this hive as a trail to locate other bug hives and eradicate them for dosh. Setting influence: The MMA-Wrestling-Association might take hits from having two of their stars disappear like this.

Wannabe spends 5 of the karma reward buying off One Born Every Minute