All Men Must Serve

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The team was hired by a shadowy figure and by extension his organization to arrange for the public death of an Ares executive at a Gala. After obtaining plans for the museum where it would be held, they worked to craft a massive shaped charge to place under the stage. Combined with high levels of concealing magic, and ambushing the troubleshooter mage at his house with a taser shot featuring enough amperage to kill a Roadmaster, the security had no chance to detect it before it turned Hubert into a very fine salsa, traumatizing the attendants for years to come.


L∞p, Solomon, Garo, Manabolt

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Hubert Vandross, an Ares Mid-level executive, was executed spectacularly before he was able to present the full report of his finding of extra-metaplanar incursions spiking dramatically lately. Notes/AAR Doc