An Offer You Should Refuse

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5 runners receive a call from a shady Johnson. There are many red flags, from the meet location, to the secrecy and ignorance asked by the J. Will the job go to plan?

The Johnson, a Mr Omari Munir, has his meet on his luxury yacht, L'Accord. Runners are removed of their weapons, but treated to an amazing meal of luxurious, *real* food. He has a simple task for them to perform, simple find a person who is stalking a client of his. He has no information on the stalker, save for part of an encrypted file revealing their schedule in Seattle. The client's identity is to remain anonymous, and runners are asked if they can ensure that no information is leaked out, including to themselves.


Champ, Proto, AL-IC, Byrns, Cardinal

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Players have received an additional reward that will be revealed in the future.