Anarchy Is Surprisingly Well Organized

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Invited to a NeoAnarchist meeting hosted by "Occupy Seattle!", Johnson hires them to demolish a church


MK Six, Progress, Spectre, Aphrodite, Payload, Crash

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

MK_Six pockets the Rosary Of St. Michael and as such has gained the Archangel Michael as a contact

Summery The Church is protected by a gang known as the Son's Of Michael. They find out that there was a toxic mage underneath the church, and a strange spirit/focus thing in the church proper. The demoplan is expanded to weaponize the Church, and destroy the toxic lodge. They could have gone to the Hounds for help, but they go straight for the church in the dead of night. They neutralize the people watching the doors to the church, and the priest(21p -7AP, one shot kill with no armor) , then move into set up the bombs. As they're setting up the bombs, a spirit arises from the Astral, it looks like an angel. They take it down no trouble (but panic some) and finish placing the charges.MK_Six pockets the Rosary. The explosion goes off without a hitch, and the toxic mage hands of god to get back another day.