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Date Completed


Details of Job (What the J Wanted Done)

Garald Kozloff hires a team of runners to hit a bank in downtown owned by the Gianelli's strictly disobeying the alliance they all shared.

The team organised exfiltration first, hiring a vehicle, Alexei stunts around the bollards out the frount of the building using a silence and trid phantasm, ram raiding the front entrance.

The team Infiltrates dealing with the teams slowly 1 by 1.

The matrix operators hack commlinks, cameras and sensors to make sure alarms aren't raised.

Ironsides rips the door of the bank vault off its hinges in one swing the vault was emptied and loaded into the van where it was driven to the J for pick up in a neutral location.

Opposition' (What the Runners Went up Against)

Building full of cops, Hardened armor safe, Suites of Sensors and Camera's, R8 host.

'Complications' (What Went Wrong)

Bodyguards, Downtown, HTR down the road, Gianelli owned bank.

'Threat Level' (As Detailed in the GM Guide)



Alexei, Iskalec, Ranz, Ironsides

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward



50% discount on guns/ammunition/Vehicles/Drones/electronics/software up to AV 20 Garald Kozloff 2 RVP

6/1 Silent/One for All/Limited stats/Organised Crime: Keep it in the family Gear contact for Drones/Vehicals/Guns and Ammo/electronics/software AV 20

By spending a favour with the Vory Isk got Garald to offer Electronics and Software.

Alexei became a Made Man with the Vory after a brutal induction.

Ironsides requested some of the "Cash" reward in jewels and gold.

Ironsides has gotten "Wanted Gianelli 20000" Wanted alive for questioning.