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Low-Cost recieves a call from an old chum. He needs someone to run Matrix Security, and Low-Cost is looking for a new In to her old workplace.

MCT and Horizon have been working together to create a Companion Drone to put the I-Doll to shame, Fully customisable and coming in a form suitable to any Meta-Type, Meta-Variant, or Meta-Sapient.

Unfortunately, Some select groups, namely a gang in the Underground, and Humanis, want these drones destroyed due to their misinformation that they are being bred to either take over humans, or to be sold as cheap labor.

Unfortunately this information was Incorrect, and it was actually the Yaks attempting to destroy the drones.

Upon being found out, both members of the small Yakuza hit squad attempted to commit suicide to prevent being captured. Thanks to the quick thinking and quicker decking of Low-Cost, both attempts were foiled, and the Yakuza members were taken in for questioning.



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Things of Note

6/4 Contact Recieved