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Portrait Anhur-cougar.jpg
Gender Male
Race Human (Prototype)
Aura Awakened
Essence 6
Primary Combat mage
Secondary Shapechanger, Goat
Character Sheet
Player Fraethir

Basic Info

Male, 6'1", biologically mid 20s (calendar, he's just past his first birthday). Chaos tradition Mystic Adept with no chosen Way as yet.

Diverse spell selection focusing on combat and shapechanging and stealth. Anhur-rabbit.jpg

Adept powers oriented to unarmed combat, archery, and temporary boosts.

Prototype origins give Kamikaze gland, and a pain editor primarily, but also reduce need for sleep, increase flexibility, and increase damage resistance.


Exfor started out a humble project serial number, one of many, in the Firewatch 'Auxiliary Asset Production Facility' #2 in Cleaveland Ohio, UCAS. The Hive 16 series 3 was designed to be fast-grown, imprinted with basic military and tactical skills, then handed over to Firewatch Special Assets for installation of a 'special operator'. The documents for that process were of course deep black, hidden, not available to the vat specialists in the Production Facility, and they would have been horrified to read the details of using these quick-grown soldiers as hosts to Insect Spirit Broods. But that intent failed, when number four of series three's new run, around the six month mark started showing signs of magical Awakening. Entirely unexpected, but the signs of the vessel preparation runes nanite-etched into his bones interacting with a self-generated manafield were clear to the security observers. They'd been posted to make sure nothing moved into the prepared template soldiers during the flash-training, except what Ares intended to move in, so the signs of magical activity with number 4 were disturbing. Management was torn about what to do as a result, and decided to take the mark 3s out of immediate service, and move the production line to hive 17 mark 3s and plus up the mantis forces. If they could reproduce the exact circumstances that lead to number 4's Awakening, it would be infinitely more valuable than more insect-inhabited special ops troops.

So X-4 moved into magical skills assessment only partly imprinted (they had several other imprints to layer in, but needed to know what channels his magic was forming first). They discovered highly variable self-empowerment, along with what looked to be spellcasting abilities. One of the rarest expressions, mystical adept crossovers. They chose infiltrator and combat support as his primary mission specialties, and started those training imprints. In just a handful of weeks, he would emerge ready for the basics of silent death and be trained in spells to enhance that. It was actually going remarkably smoothly, getting close to closing out his initial training and moving him into a unit for socialization and final review, when the criminals struck. Apparently, the lure of using a repurposing worm to adjust the psychosocial profiles and randomze all of the mark 3s and also remove all of their restraints while simultaneously dosing them with combat pharma, was too much to resist for the intruding team's Decker. Exfor came out of the training fugue abruptly, the lessons in how to People properly, and eat a formal meal with the correct fork, ended in flame. Honed (imprinted) combat routines were in play reflexively, and he began to lash his immediate vicinity with lightning and ill will, to destroy the intruders. When the first dose of K10 faded, his sanity crept back in and he realized the people he'd been slaughtering as intruders were actually the lab and training teams, and the standby security. Rattled and paniced, he took his winchester, what unbroken arrows remained, a change of clothes and the armor jacket off of one of the guards and stuffed them into a pelican case. Then an effortless exertion of his magic and he spread his wings, grabbed the case handle, and went to fly to high ground to get his bearings. From there, he saw his base, his home, afire. And an unmarked VTOL jet idling on a pad, surrounded by the wreckage of some other flying vehicles. He snuck in. Hid himself, taking another more unobtrusive form, and tried to figure out if it was friend or foe. Before he could get into the pilot's area, the Runner team that had devastated the base returned to their ride, and it flew off. From hiding, Exfor looked, and decided six assailants (four of them magical) was more than he could handle. So he waited, and listened, for his chance to strike. Somewhere over the Rockies, he saw his chance, and a quick burst of telekinetic magic coldly triggered the cargo door's emergency release. Which immediately sucked all six of his presumed foes out into the high altitude air. One caught herself and started flying, and earned herself an explosion of lightning. Unfortunately, her parting shot caused all of the gemstone talismans on Exfor, channeling his power, to ignite. By the time he'd extinguished himself, he had no fetishes left, the plane itself had caught fire, and the six sucked out had left his line of sight (to death, or escape?). The plane landed an hour later, without word or comment. When nothing continued to happen, he came out of hiding and ransacked the now-missing team's gear, Where he found data, describing the Foundry, the Asset Production Facility, and worst of all, what his fate was intended to be. His serial number looked up at him from the screen, along with case notes that if his training didn't work out, he'd still make an excellent Host. He fled. If there was a pilot, it didn't comment or act, as the young man ran off with little beyond a handful of belongings and a carry case.

The next month was a blur of unpleasant learning experiences, disasterous choices, and learning that the wider world doesn't have a lot of sympathy for a SINless construct of dubious character, obvious magic, and a lack of experience. Some of that was cured more quickly and thoroughly than the rest, but in due time he'd learned how to be a competent enough Shadowrunner, had a contact willing to find him work in the city of Seattle, and had made good friends with a smuggler named Wee Angus who would get him there safely. From there, he was more or less on his own again, barely more settled than when he escaped/stowed away/ruined his career (of soldier? Infiltrator? Assassin? Bug host?), however you'd like to see it.

Not exactly wise. An air of something that made sure no one really trusted him. Permanently marked as a great place for spirits to live, but so far capable of defending himself from that. Partial programming as an exemplary solider. Partial training as a combat mage. Partial independence too easily undermined by someone withh presence and definitive orders. Too knowing of some Firewatch dirty laundry to want to come home to the mothership and possible destruction or damnation. But too sure that Ares as a whole was doing the right thing, and this must be some horrible mistake or conspiracy to destroy the company. Torn. But a survivor. Which is good, because he's decided living on the streets in Redmond is how it's going to be until he gets his legs under him.

Significant Qualities

Anhur is a permanently Prepared Vessel due to bone-edged hermetic runes. He does not yet know this.

+ Dedicated Spellslinger Flesh Sculpter

- Astral Beacon No Man Left Behind The Goat Records on File (Ares) Designated Omega


Survival Learning Purifying Ares and rooting out the corruption responsible for bug hosts and similar biological/magical 'weapons' (he's sure its corruption, not design)

Appearance and Style

Exfor is one of those tall, slim people that look like they could be a young Adonis, if only they ate better food and worked out a little more. Instead, he's just barely on the healthy side of malnourished with a somewhat gaunt face showing the sturdy bone structure that could achieve handsome someday. Reinforcing the image of barrens rat type upbringing is that he only seems to have a single set of sturdy (but threadbare) clothes like he raided a second hand store but got chased off before he could get more than one set of anything. His eyes are right for that born survivor thing too. Alert. Bright. Always on the move. Almost paranoid, possibly continually high on something that hinders relaxing or holding still.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Gloria Nessa44
Barry Sholtz42
Wee Angus34
James Malatesta42

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions



NameSIN RatingSIN TypeIssued by
Alan Jones6NationalUnited Canadian and American States


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