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Gender Male
Race Human
Aura Type Awakened
Essence 6
Primary Role Various magic
Secondary Role Forbidden Knowledge
Player Spieo

Basic Info

Ex-professor of magic from the Charles University. His family having been killed in an event which he can no longer remember. After traveling the globe, he stops in Seattle to serve a penance of a sorts. During a dreamwalk, he became a minion of Alhireth-Hotep, his aura tainted along with the other teammates (Kephra, Mom, and Siren).


Young Johannes was a professor at the Charles University in Prague, until tragedy struck and he was proclaimed dead. His family perished in the horrible incident (he has blocked out the memories of what truly happened), he almost died himself, only saved by an act of whim on the part of a Free Spirit. His wife was a fellow magician, it was fate they were brought together in the first place. His last memory of the incident is seeing his former ally spirit leave it's almost dead master, Thoth (the ally spirit) could no longer remain in the world without him as an anchor.

His SIN was deactivated, after all how could he have survived the disaster? He managed to travel to Seattle with the funds he gathered across a decade, witnessing first hand the ravages of the Second Crash. He has been residing in Seattle since 2077, inside Kirkland. He has only now joined the NET, he had still done jobs through Joey.

Significant Qualities

Spirit Whisperer: The spirits find him fascinating Faraday himself: Tech doesn't get him Mentor Spirit: Oracle Driven: Find out what killed his family Aged: He's too old for this.


Goals: Initiate at least once, travel to the metaplane where Thoth resides, get the formula for the Bird of Hermes and resummon him. Find out the truth of the disaster so his family can rest in peace. Finish his penance (he blames himself for their deaths)

Carry out Alhireth-Hotep's will

Appearance and Style

Standing at six foot four inches, Professor Johannes Grimm is in decent shape for his age. Although he is no longer as strong or nimble as he once was, he retains all of his magical aptitude, though he may wish he hadn't

Golden mark on center of hand, visible on the astral. Eye of Horus. Very visible if assensed.

Faithful minion of Alhireth-Hotep/The Whispering Man/The Crawling Chaos

Retired in ???, 2079

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
13 May 2018A Study in Yellow: Dreams of a Golden CityKephra