Ashes, Ashes

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2017-08-25 21:00 EDT Players: 1- 8 Duration: 3-8 hours Communication: Roll20 and Discord In-Game Location: Downtown Seattle Game Theme: HMHVV/ Rescue Game Type: Pink Trenchcoat (Post-Cyberpunk) Prerequisites: PR Prompt: What would you do to save someone you love? What would you do to become immortal? What is the evilest thing you've done just so you could live another day? Caution: Please don't apply for this job, if you have zero interest in becoming an Infected or are not willing to take that risk. Tell me which one, in your application. Description: "Runners please help me, my beloved was kidnapped and the police have written her off as dead without even an investigation. I've managed to track her down, mostly. Please save her, Save her and you will be richly rewarded." - the ad posted on the ShadowNET reads.


Ocelot, Luna, Manabolt, Cote, Michelle, Sentry

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Successfully negotiated a raise of 1,000 nuyen. Luna avoided vampirism with an edge burn. Sentry lost karma and gained Public Awareness at a value of 2 due to Assassin's Creed. Luna got initiation 1 and Flashbacks 1 (Vampires). Fought an entire nightclub's worth of vampires, all runners gained the survivor as an Enemy Contact of 3/3 Club DJ. They successfully rescued Mr.Johnson's Wife. Faught an entire vampire hoard, with vampire mages and adept vampires. Completed an extensive list of investigative tasks.