Assault Bunny

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Gender Female
Race Elf
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 1.44
Primary Role Pistol Sam
Secondary Role Sniper, Face, Driver, General Utility
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:Assault Bunny

Summary for GMs


Razorgirl elf sam, aiming to become the greatest (mundane) pistol user. Also an excellent sniper, and a decent backup face, driver, and general tactical support.

Notable Qualities

  • Arms and Legs of Steel: Bunny is an FLR, with obvious cyberarms and cyberlegs.
  • Wait, that symbol must mean...: Signature quality (an RFID tag projecting a small AR bunny design).
  • The Pride of CC's Collection: Owns a heavily modified Barret rifle, given to her by CC as a reward for a large favour.
  • Friend to the Fratenelli: Has a solid rep with the Fratenelli family, after a certain job just before New Year's.
  • PTSD: Has the Flashbacks quality, triggered by explosions (grenade or larger). Triggering causes her to relive the sensation of her arms melting off, collapsing to the ground and screaming in agony.



Bunny lost her parents at quite a young age, long enough that she doesn't really remember them. After that, with no relatives willing to take her in, she was bounced around various orphanages, never really fitting in, until at the age of 12 she took what she could and left following an "incident". She spent the next several years living on the streets, taking in with local street gangs after discovering her love of, and talent for, firearms. In the early days she had a knack for either hiding well or not being around when the cops showed up, which often led to her re-locating to another area and joining a different gang.

After hitting her late teens and realising that she had a decent figure and cleaned up pretty, she found that being a lover was much easier than being a fighter, and often got her decent accommodation. It was during one such encounter that her partner for the night noticed her customised pistol (note: not her current ones). He queried her about it, and after learning she had customised it herself and that she was a surprisingly good shot, he introduced her to the world of shadowrunning. Her first few jobs went well, and she soon had enough nuyen to lift herself out of the streets. For several months, things went well. She saved up her nuyen, got a regular team going, but best of all, she found love, in the form of a beautiful (to her at least) ork latino girl, Jessica.

Then that run happened. The one where things went from bad to worse. Her team had been sent to raid a cyberware storage facility. They'd gotten in fairly easily, which should have tipped them off, and had started loading up with ware when the ambush happened. The first shots went through the mage's head and torso. Bunny managed to dodge, but another blast ruptured a nearby canister, dumping a rather nasty chemical onto the arms she shielded her face with. She hit the ground, screaming in blinding agony as the flesh on her arms began to dissolve away. By the time she was able to move again, her arms were sizzling stumps that ended just before the elbows, and the gunfire had stopped. The rest of her team were geeked, but so were the slotters sent to kill them.

Recognising one of the dead guards from the meet with the J, she put two and two together, but she had more pressing concerns. The fight had resulted in a fire, quickly working it's way over to a group of barrels with some nasty warning labels. She dragged herself to her feet, and ran like hell. The explosion was certainly dramatic, the resulting fire soon gutting the building. Bunny escaped, barely, calling Jessica to come and help her. They managed to stagger their way to a street doc Jessica had heard about, Bunny fighting to stay conscious the whole way. They made it halfway into Dr. Faulk's waiting room before she collapsed, thankfully causing enough noise to catch the Doc's attention. In a miraculous stroke of luck, one of the few items she'd grabbed from the warehouse was a pair of cyberarms that were a perfect fit, Jessica making the call to attach them.

The next time Bunny woke up, she had a shiny new pair of cyberarms. They thanked the Doc, Bunny finding out that Jessica had sold her precious bike to pay for the surgery. The pair headed back to their home in the Barrens, clearing out all their stuff, and everything of value from Bunny's fallen teammate's squats, ending up with a decent stash of credits(Nuyen). Resolving to leave that part of her life behind them and start over, they went back to the Doc to pay off the rest of the surgery costs, asking where the nearest sinless friendly bar was and heading over. Within a few days, she'd found herself a new fixer, and from there a way back into the shadows. She got herself a decent fake SIN, a proper apartment, even a bike and some new armor, all the while with Jess by her side, helping her recover.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Bunny has a very athletic figure, 5'6", busty, and curvy in all the right places. She wears her mid-back length blood red hair in box braids. Her clothing tends to follow a colour scheme of black as the primary, red (usually the same red as her hair) as secondary, and silver or white for highlights. Her bike, and more importantly her custom look pistols (and all her other guns), also follow this colour scheme. Her Sleeping Tiger armor is fashioned to look like a tight waistcoat over a mesh shirt, paired with short shorts and thigh-length leather-ish stockings, while her longcoat is a form fitting trenchcoat, from the hips up at least. With the longcoat on, her obvious cyberarms are mostly concealed up to her wrists.
  • Astral form: None.
  • Astral signature: None.
  • Matrix persona: Default Renraku Sensei.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Prefers to use pistols, tends to dual wield them.


Bunny is motivated by her desire to become the best (mundane) pistol user in the world, and her love for Cara.


  • Raise Pistols to 13
  • Complete her ware suite
    • Upgrade Synaptic Booster to R3 (betaware, deltaware if the nuyen becomes available)
    • Aquire:
      • Reflex Recorder: Pistols (betaware)
      • Pain Editor (betaware)
    • Aquire synthetic lower legs (low priority)
    • Aquire various specialised lower legs (example, water jets and fins for jobs requiring swimming)
  • Raise Longarms to 12
  • Live forever

Great Deeds

  • Fought the Kraken-thulhu and survived.
  • Helped lower the age of consent for Orks and Trolls in Puyallup
  • Helped sink a $17 million nuyen megayacht belonging to the Finn's (Note: She does NOT discuss this)
  • Helped destroy a major bug nest in Chicago, fighting a Queen Bug Spirit infested Dragon, dealing the killing blow


True Dragonslayer

Important People and Things Murdered

A Queen Bug Spirit infested Dragon

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



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Notable Possessions



NameSIN RatingSIN TypeIssued by
Savanna Ryan4NationalUnited Canadian and American States


DateNameWorked With
11 May 2017Some Fried DataProfessor
Assault Bunny
2 July 2017 08:00:00Final CountdownManabolt
Assault Bunny
6 August 2017Your Average Ganger ProblemStickshift
Assault Bunny
12 October 2017Our Brand is CrysisAssault Bunny
19 December 2017Best Served ColdManabolt
Assault Bunny
10 February 2018Operation RamielAssault Bunny
2 March 2018Working For The PeopleWarphan
Assault Bunny
5 March 2018MariposaAlibi
Assault Bunny
18 March 2018S.O.S,Assault Bunny
7 April 2018SmogRhys
Assault Bunny
16 April 2018VermintideAssault Bunny
22 April 2018What Could Go Wrong?Assault Bunny
29 April 2018One Of Our OwnAssault Bunny
Go Go
30 May 2018Sic Parvis MagnaAssault Bunny
Mr. Frost
Psycho Bleat
15 September 2018Trouble in the Market AlleyAssault Bunny
22 October 2018GötterdämmerungAssault Bunny
Gun Hand
9 November 2018Lost and more LostAssault Bunny
Gautier Monnard
16 January 2019The Germanic JobAssault Bunny

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WhatWho SaidViaThresholdAccuracyReference
Took the killing blow on a fragging DragonHNNMatrix Search1100Final Countdown

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