Be careful what you ask for

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Alibi was contacted by a spirit looking fer help and at the same time ordered by his Yak fixer to do something for them. After some indecision and an attempt at lying to their fixer, the bodysnatcher took the job from Hideo Nakamura.

They had to present themselves as an eccentric professor named Edward Jameson (missing at the time) at a conference. The spirit who had asked for help earlier was hiding in a potent mana barrier at the place of the conference. Things went sideways very quickly when the real professor showed up. Security was alerted and the spirit was forced to act against the very person he asked for help.

Alibi was successful at avoiding being captured for a time before a final confrontation with Edward and his fettered spirit. Which happened right as the bodysnatcher was dangling outside the high rise on an electrical cord, clutching a fancy bust of Dunkelzan. Edward's continued inability to phrase his orders to the spirit correctly cost him his life, leaving Alibi to escape into one of the empty hotel suits through a broken window.

After some seductive conning of the investigating security people, the bodysnatcher was finally escape the place. Hideo Nakamura wasn't at all happy with their performance and the end result. The no longer fettered spirit, however, agreed to share some of his vast knowledge with the person who helped him become free again.



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Things of Note

Was an ordeal/schooling. Full WFTP (to 8 karma total)