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As a result of Face Off Dr. Walter Serrano was murdered in cold blood by Net runners, except Gilgamesh who decided to not stand for this. Michelle Serrano the treacherous 2nd wife of Walter took over the company with the help of her body snatching mysad lover, James Turing. Before dying Walter sent a coded message to April, his daughter and Bart Rockatansky the head of meatspace security at Serrano industries and retired decorated KE cop. April and Bart swore to bring the two to justice. Walter had kept a datachip with all the incriminating evidence against the duo in a secure vault at Loch-Tech a A rated data bank. The locker is coded to Walter's genetic code. Due to him dying and his body destroyed its impossible to recover the data, all the more so since Turing has assumed Walter's identity, with altered SINs. April hired the runners to infiltrate the bank and get the data.

The team successfully hacked the R8 host to retrieve the master password then physically infiltrated the Faraday vault and retrieved the datachip. In the meantime, April was abducted by Michelle and James. The team along with Bart rescued April and took down both Michelle and Turing alive. They were both put on trial.April was able to do Justice by his father. She inherited Serrano Petrochemical industries, donated 50% to Project Butterfly (better healthcare and free school for the employees, ex-employees and their family). She merged her small Architecture firm with Serrano Industries. Bart, an old friend of Walter, resumed his job back as head of security


Gilgamesh, Mnemosyne, Manabolt, Assault Bunny

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