Big in Japan

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Date Completed


Details of Job (What the J Wanted Done)

Extraction of a cow. Flight to Japan (Kunashiri island). Aria procured a van and Thunder a bike for transport. Reconnaisance discovered the cow inside a fenced area with 80+ other cows, some guard towers, a stable and other buildings. A Beast spirit patrolling and guarding the animals. In cover of darkness, Hound silently drove the van near a loading dock and opened the locked door. Aria and Thunder entered and found the cow. After some "gentle" nudging, the cow got going. They almost got it in the vehicle when the spirit saw them, but Aria had her own spirit fixing that problem. Cow got sedated enough to not cause trouble. And to the waiting plane home. Not a shot fired!

Opposition' (What the Runners Went up Against)

Getting transport. Guards. Beast Spirit. Non-cooperating Cow.

'Complications' (What Went Wrong)

Nothing really.

'Threat Level' (As Detailed in the GM Guide)



Aria, Hound, Apothecary, Thunder

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward



Hound got "Subtle Pilot(Groundcraft)". Thunder got "Animal Empathy(Cows)" at chargen cost.