Binary Switch

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Gender Male
Race Human, American
Aura Type Normal Dude
Essence 2
Primary Role Decker
Secondary Role Rigger
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:TheDiabolicalToaster

Summary for GMs


Show the world just how much power a normal dude really has.

Notable Qualities

  • "I'm a literal Genius" (Photographic Memory + Analytical Mind + Speed Reading)
  • "Decker's Paragon" (Fade to Black + Go Big or Go Home + Ninja Vanish + Overclocker + Quick Config)
  • "Hollywood Ugly" (Good Looking and Knows It + Disshelved)
  • "Eisenstein's Equal" (Exceptional Attribute: Logic + Aptitude)
  • "World Renowned" (Online Fame + Prime Datahaven Membership:Jackpoint)
  • "Exceptionally Gifted" (Two or more skills at r9+)
  • "G.O.D. Among Men" (Hacking r13 and all Hacking Specializations)

Not mechanical but roleplayed qualities:

  • Dependants 3: "Back home, I've got America to worry about."
  • Curiosity killed the Cat: "At least a half a dozen times I've held extremely dangerous files in my hands and half a dozen times I've looked at them."
  • Favored (Fanatic, Mundane Deckers): "We're like a dying species us mundies, so we gotta look out for each other."
  • Prejudiced (Outspoken, Emerged and Awakened): "There's a saying that men fear what they don't understand...Well I understand plenty and they're all stuck up privileged fraggers until proven otherwise"



Hayden's early life wasn't very interesting all things considered. He grew up the son of two spiders, learned he liked tech early on and didn't have many friends. Then went into NETSEC and somewhere along the line realized corp life wasn't for him.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: A man of short stature with messy dark brown hair and pure green eyes. Always wearing a bright green hoodie with a COGGREEN patch on it, a set of bulky goggles, a trio of cyber deck pouches and single strap backpack.
  • Astral form: N/A
  • Astral signature: N/A
  • Matrix persona: A rogue clad in a plethora of green shades with the looks of augmentations about him. He's carrying a short bow and a cloud of binary fog tends to float around his person.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Green, lots of Neon Green.


Switch is many things loud, proud, kind of a pushover but still someone who has the resolve to do what he thinks is right...most of the time. He's also quite sarcastic.



  • Get a Fairlight Paladin
  • Found a Decker Republic Live happily in the UCAS with Am

Great Deeds

  • Saved his team from dying in the ghoul invested sewers of Cairo (this included Akuly)
  • Hacked a runner van while high, tipsy, preforming open brain surgery and being attacked by a spirit
  • Hacked 2/10 of the Big Ten's Headquarters
  • Killed a Dragon
  • Saved a Xeno-Sapient Race
  • Stayed humbled through it all


  • The Hapless Protagonist
  • Captain of Team Cognitive Green
  • The Undergrad Brain Surgeon
  • Counter-Terrorist Meteorologist M.D
  • Savior of a Xeno-sapient race
  • Puckish Rogue
  • Expert Missile-lier
  • Unintentional Resonance Hero
  • King of The Nerds

Important People and Things Murdered

  • Defeated one of the Ancient Evils of the 4th world. AKA The Kung-Fu Spider
  • A Dragon
  • Cthlulu
  • Almost every type of evil spirit
  • And more

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques

The Switcheroo

Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
6 May 2017 01:30:00The Seventh SealHertz
Binary Switch
21 May 2017 03:00:00Speak The WordAlibi
Pork Chop
Binary Switch

Facts and Fictions

Titles and Great Deeds

Things said and known about them

WhatWho SaidViaThresholdAccuracyReference
Binary Switch is an SK runnerHerr BrackhausShadow Community195Rumor/Binary Switch Is an SK Runner
Taught blood magic to a bunch of college kids and wizgangersUnknowable Truth0100Speak The Word
Kept a personal copy of Aztechnology's blood magic teaching materialsUnknowable Truth0100The Seventh Seal

Things they said or know about


Quotes Involving Them

Said ByAboutWhat
Binary SwitchSeelieSeelie plays kill/marry/fuck with just one person
KPBinary SwitchFuck you! You’ve got a life!
Binary SwitchMinuanoHey if there’s one thing we learned today, its that Minuano loves cram.
Binary SwitchHow the frag do we tap that
Binary SwitchI don’t want to calculate how much noise I have without my pants on.