Black and White

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Key info

Name of run was Black and White.

Run was GM'd by User:Jre2

Run completed on date 2017-05-28 04:00 UTC

Johnson Alfred Peltier is alive, paid the runners, and nobody technically betrayed anyone.

Locations Involved

  • Club 32
  • Orgoth's Touristville Street Doc Clinic
  • Gold Dragon East diner

Important People

Impact on Setting

Facts and Fictions

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
2Shadow CommunityJack WireQuite the competent infiltrator. I do wish he could sit still for more than a minute though.Goldfinch100
0Unknowable TruthAlfred PeltierMasqueraded as a second Johnson with a second, related, job to really insure Orgoth Vregu was killed100
3Shadow CommunityJack WireReally good Face. 10/10 would work with again.Angel100
3Shadow CommunityGreaseBit of an asshole, but damn is he good at his job!Angel30
3Astral CommunityAngelHad me clean up ApplesauceWater Spirit100
4Shadow CommunityAlfred PeltierSeems like this J is doing some blood mage hunting. He's being rather coy about it however.Goldfinch85
1Shadow CommunityGreaseSmooth as butter. Has some weird hobbies.Jack Wire100
3Shadow CommunityGoldfinchAs always, excellent with all things Matrix. Pretty much qualifies as stand-in for Shiki's Binary Switch taxAngel100
1Shadow CommunityAngelDoesn't like getting paid.Jack Wire10

Runners and Rewards

Base Karma: 4, Nuyen: 23000

  • Angel 3k less reward due to not "officially" accepting the job. WFTP MAX (-10k Nuyen, +5 Karma). Learned Italian via Linguistics, Euphoria and Confusion (2 days each). Bound F8 Air Spirit (Elemental Attack Energy Aura Lightning) with 13 Services, Spent: 170 Reagents, 2 Psyche. Bought: 2 NeuroStun X Gas Grenades (in addition to the expenditures), Illusion Spell Formula, Health Spell Formula
  • Grease Spent 200 nuyen on doctor bribes, WFTM all the way (30855 nuyen, 0 karma).
  • Goldfinch Trained Demolitions to 1, Took Psyche, WFTP 10k to 2 karma, Bought Edge to 2, Bought a new R6 Agent and a comlink to go with it
  • Jack Wire Bought Activesofts: Chemistry 1 and Con 5
  • Total Group Expenses: 145 nuyen each


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