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Horizon hired the team to do a PR stunt. A faked attempt at the life of action trid star Johnny Blaze at the promo of his new movie "Phased Mayhem" a shadowrunner, blockbuster, action-thriller. Shortly after the meet, the team got an anonymous call offering twice the money to actually kill Blaze. The runners refused. At the promo, after the staged fight between Blaze and his guards and the hired runners, a trio of runners and a bulldog with an automated HMG showed up to actually kill Blaze. The PCs successfully rescued Blaze, making a tactical retreat while KE engaged the rival runner team, stooping them from pursuing the PCs.

This was caught on camera, broadcasted all over the news. The Johnson was very pleased with the team. Blaze gained a lot of sympathy, making the movie a hit. Horizon profited quite well.


Tamp, Armo, Wu, Iceberg

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

+1 Street Cred