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Portrait --File-Blue.jpg
Gender Male
Race Ork/Bloodhound
Aura Shifter
Essence 1.00
Primary Detective
Secondary Muscle
Character Sheet
Player PatchesPanda

Basic Info


Blue was originally a Bloodhound that was beloved by his family, one day however something changed in both him and his litter mates. They became "aware" of course they still loved their owners and wanted nothing more than to please them. However, once they learned that they could become just like their owners they would go on to experiment with their new powers luckily avoiding showcasing this to their owners but not being so successful in hiding it from a nose-y neighbor. They promptly called the authorities and word got out that a whole litter of shifters were living on this property, it wasn't long before at least one Corp took interest. In this case it was EVO.

Abducted from their homes and subjected to a myriad of different experiments Blue and his sister RED were the only two of the litter mates who ended up in the same facility. This facility happening to be a major augmentation research center, the majority of the experiments they were subjected to involved discovering how the shifters powers interacted with various types of ware. Blue was sent to the Cyberware division while his sister was sent off to Bioware. It wasn't long before they discovered that the shifters biology rejected the ware if they attempted to change forms, so they eventually filled the pair with enough ware to prevent them from changing without dying on the spot. Blue maintained through this whole process that the whole of metahumanity was better than this, like their owners, and that he should still love them, his sister on the other hand became a raging psycho claiming that she would destroy everything and everyone claiming to be metahuman. One day they really did push her over the edge, in an explosive bout of Orken-shifter rage she slaughtered the entirety of the research staff and corpsec that tried to stop her from tearing her way through the facility. Seeing his sister on the warpath Blue would follow behind her doing his best to disable as many people as he could in a non-lethal manner to save their lives.

After finally breaking free of the facility and running for what felt like days out into the wilderness Blue finally caught up to his sister, unconscious but alive. He scooped her up and carried her off to a cave to care for her. Following her return to physical health and *relative* mental stability they would go into hiding and find their ways to Seattle. Blue would go on to open a detective agency putting his natural bloodhound tracking skills to use on cases that were simply brushed aside by law enforcement. His sister on the other hand immediately joined up with various groups of Shadowrunners, gaining wealth quickly and using her wealth to improve her perceived image to hide her indulgence in outright murder. She has recently gone missing and Blue has departed from his agency and joined the shadows in an attempt to track her down and bring her home safely.

Significant Qualities

Biocompatability (Cyberware)

Cyber Singularity Seeker

Wanted: EVO (For destruction of a research facility and theft of cybernetics.)

Phobia Uncommon; Mild (EVO Research Facilities)

No Man Left Behind


Tracking down and saving his sister from whatever danger she is currently in. Earning enough money to keep his detective agency running so he can continue to help families find their lost loved ones.

Appearance and Style

Traditional Detective Garb:

Trench Coat


Large Boots

Automatic Shotgun

Ceramic Sawn-off kept under jacket

Physical Appearance:

Long, flat nose

Large ears that have a slight droop at the top

Mish-Mash of Synthetic and Obvious cyberlimbs, with the Obvious Arm and Leg bulked to be even more obvious

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
1 December 2018Life is Love, Life Loves YouEclipse
12 January 2019Curse of Blackbird WoodsBlue
12 January 2019Ghost HuntKephra
Glitter Smash
19 January 2019Welcome to the Party, ChummerSmogg
Snake eyes
11 March 2019Tylenol and NeosporinRaijin
17 March 2019To Catch a(n Ares) PredatorRaijin
Lady Mouse
21 March 2019ElfluenzaBlue
Kernal Kludge