Burn Notice

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Burn Notice: The DocWagon Burn Squad Doctor

Cost: [Extralife 2016 Reward]

Connection: 4

Loyalty: 4


Burn Notice: PM the GM. If the GM agrees that your "sick burn" IC was indeed sick, then you are able to call up the DocWagon Burn Squad lead by Burn Notice. They will arrive in a VTOL to 1d6*15 seconds, fast rope down say "Did someone call a doctor for THAT SICK BURN?" and then high five the PC with the contact. This power is at GM discretion and may be canceled if too disruptive to the game.

This contact acts as a connection 4 legwork contact, rolling 14 dice in Charities, Children's Hospitals, Matrix Games and Burn Centers.


Dave Hernandez knows how serious burns are. After hearing stories from his parents about what happened on the Night of Rage, he wanted to be sure he had to skills to help if there was ever a repeat of the Night of Rage.

He has worked long and hard to overcome the stereotypes, wanting to be the first Troll to ever lead a DocWagon Burn Squad and has personally seen how quickly a burn can take a life. Patrolling Seattle in his VTOL, his DocWagon HTR team is one of the fastest.

However, sometimes things get boring while waiting for the next call and his team is encouraged to practice disembarking while on patrol. He has used this free time in order to tempt those with financial resources into donating to Children's Hospital’s by offering his services to pull pranks.

This has brought him in close contact with the shadow community as they tend to be well paid people who want to pull off elaborate pranks.