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A team was put together by a PI by the name of Benjamin Cross an Ex KE detective.

A show called C0nque5t was in town and being used as a ring to kidnap and smuggle women out of the country.

It turns out the event was being run for the Yakuza (Shotozuma-Gumi) by MCT, the Golden Lotus Triad's were out and about selling high quality drugs.

After some "Investigation" Tiberius discovered that the Triad were distributing bad BTL chips through out the show.

The team stopped a poor assassination attempt of one of the Stars and her Manager/Bodyguards at a public meat and great after the assassin attempted to blow up the facility with a suicide vest before a team of Triad heavies arrived to attack.

After the attack Sigma acting as bait and following the BTL's instructions was purposefully kidnapped.

The team followed the Van that kidnapped her and took out the Decker behind the faulty chips.

The folks who were buying the girls were not apprehended.

After the run, the Triad were escorted off the property, half were arrested after sigma discovered evidence enough to "Get them off the street for 48 hours" and handed the evidence back to Detective Cross.

The remainder of the Yellow Lotus were "Escorted from the Premises" by Yakuza members and promptly executed for failure.


Quietus, Sigma, Tiberius, Fox, Pheonix

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

-Benjamin Cross 6/4 Legwork Authority, Long arm of the Law,, Force of Law, Quick Processing, One for all for 3 RVP. Half price on Incorruptable Authority.

-Anything with R half price gear up to AV16.

-1 point of PA

-Pheonix earned Tough as Nails Stun rank 2 at gen price.