Cardinal Sin

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2017-9-30 19:00 UTC Players: 3-4 Duration: 4-12 hours Communication: Roll20 and Discord In-Game Location: Seattle Game Theme: Investigation/Wetwork Game Type: Silent Hill meets Bloodborne Prerequisites: What is your opinion on Catholics and organized religion in general? What is the story behind that? Description: Hey, I have an interesting job brought to be a Catholic priest of some renown, he says he will pay very well in typical cryptic catholic fashion, the meet is at the confession booth of a Catholic church in Tacoma. I don't know where you guys are going, but be prepared for anything.


Jawbreaker, Wardoll, Alibi

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Cardinal Sins

It’s a run where a cardinal who is part of the Order of St. Sylvester, who is the representative of UCAS in Rome, he has become aware of a possible cult springing up from his flock of catholic theurgists seeking to bring about the rapture. He doesn’t know where they are or who they are but has suspects. The cult leader is being taken advantage of by a horror that is exploiting his warped interpretation of the Bible, to turn the blood mage cult into a vessel for bringing about the horrors. The cult is entirely consumed by the otherworldly force’s influence, being pale reflections of their former selves.

They are going to meet him at a confession booth in a church in Tacoma.

He is going to offer three possible rewards:

5 karma and 56k worth of Foci/weapons Or 5 karma and 28k nuyen

Blood mages, blood spirits, astral shallows that have similar features to the astral shallow in “A WALK IN THE PARK”.

Multiple approaches valid: Loud and violent Investigative and espionage Stealth Puzzle Solution, yet to be designed.

9 hours