Chaofeng Faction

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Key Info

GM: User:Rejakor

Connection: 8 Fixer Connection: 8 Databroker

  • All for one
  • Limited stats (User:Rejakor)
  • Authority (Corrupt)
  • Lawyer
  • Can I Borrow That?
  • Archivist
  • Bolthole (Wuxing Extraterritoriality)
  • Back Room (Wuxing Corp Tower)
  • Legitimate Work (Corporate Facilities and goods)
  • Special Work Area (Corporate facilities and goods)
  • Dispatcher


The Chaofeng Faction is a major player in Space and in Seattle.

During the Spacewar, Mei Chaofeng has risen to power on the back of an extraordinary deal with Renraku to pursue a potentially gamechanging line of research into nanoaugmetics. A delicate minefield of negotiation using information brought to her by a shadowrunner led to Renraku being forced to back down and allow Wuxing Inc. access to a shared body of research in which Wuxing is, despite everything going against Renraku, very much the junior partner. She now tries to enlarge that access, and has been given huge authority by the board, flabbergasted that such a huge potential breakthrough could have slid so successfully under the radar, to do so. Longstanding power players - such as the now-deceased Eliotrys Duncan - hate and, somewhat, fear her and her newfound power - predicting smugly that she'll misstep and lose her authority 'within the year'. However, such a meteoric rise has led to a determined cadre of lower ranking executives to form into a faction behind Chaofeng and her deals with Renraku, both those acting as direct support staff and those holding various positions who have, tacitly or subtly, indicated they will support her (in exchange for future favours). It is somewhat well known in the Chaofeng Faction (as it is known) that a shadow operative is well trusted by Chaofeng and has been of significant service to her. That is Shen Ming, aka Smogg, and - discreetly - means have been provided for him to contact individuals in the organization if he should need their support in his efforts to exalt both Wuxing - we are all in this together - or more specifically, to support Mei Chaofeng.

Members of the faction will help Smogg with whatever he needs, generally, assuming it is in the service of or under the orders of Mei Chaofeng


Affiliated Factions: Wuxing Inc.

Allies: Mei Chaofeng, Smogg

Enemies: None