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To guide players to mechanically realize their vision for a new character; to ensure legality and fair play; to offer advice that maximizes the chance of a positive experience in play.

Submitting a New Character

To submit a new character, please post on the ShadowNET Character Review Forum, following the below format:

Subject Line

The subject should be formatted roughly as "Runner Handle [Concept, such as decker, mage, street sam, etc.]" -- include whatever descriptors would be important to the character. If the character was created using prime generation rules, this must be noted with a tag.

Post Body

The post body must contain:

  • A link to PDF of your sheet, as well as a link to your Chummer or HeroLab save file. If this is a Chummer file, the file must not have been marked as Created (i.e., it cannot be in Career mode).
  • Your Priority Order. Note that we allow Sum-to-Ten on the NET; simply list your priority for each field. (Example: "Metatype A, Attributes B, Resources B, Skills E, Magic E")
  • Your answers to The Three Questions. These are important because they define what you seek to accomplish, which will help your reviewer answer your questions.

Failure to include all of these elements may delay approval.

Other Considerations

If you are submitting a SURGE III, Metasapient, Shifter, or Infected character, per our current rules, the submitting player must have played in at least five runs on the NET. List and link to these runs in your character's application. Metavariants are now permissible for newer players. (Have fun!)

Again, if you are submitting a character using the prime generation rules, this must be clearly noted.

It is strongly encouraged, though not mandated, to leave your "character creation" version of your sheet linked to your character's application. This helps future players get a sense for what well-crafted characters look like, and -- should you become A Legend -- gives others a look back at your humble beginnings. Space is cheap, so please just link a new version of your sheet once you have gotten approved and started your career in the shadows of Seattle.

Last, but not least, if you are using Chummer: for the love of all that is good and holy, keep backups of your sheet. Chummer is known to corrupt character files from time to time, and the character review department cannot always salvage them. There is a mostly-canonical ShadowNET Chummer Configuration that you are encouraged to use, which incorporates most of our banned and modified rules.

Character Slots

Each player is allowed five active characters at a time, by default. Additional character slots may be purchased, according to these rules.

By default, characters are created with standard generation rules. Character slots may be upgraded to use prime generation rules pursuant to this ruling.

The Review Process

Once you have posted your sheet according to the above format, a member of the Review Department will "claim" the sheet and begin working on it. You should receive a Reddit message once this happens. Reviews can be conducted in any medium (e.g., on Reddit itself, in text on our Discord, or over voice communications). We aim to approve sheets as quickly as we can, but it can take some time for certain sheets, based on load, the archetype, the tool used to create the sheet, and the complexity of the character.

Note that more complicated archetypes require specialized reviewers: do not be discouraged if newer sheets are claimed ahead of yours, as we want to line up a qualified minion for each sheet.


Any character can, at any time, re-submit their character sheet. The process goes as follows: First, they submit a character sheet, as if it were a new character, with a log of the proposed changes to their sheet (Note that if the character is essentially a new character, or the changes are extensive enough that a list would be too long to reasonably make, that this is not required). Next, they must post links to their original character submission. Finally, after approval of the character sheet, the player is then allowed to grant the character rewards from that character's first run.

Please mark resubmitted characters clearly when posting.

Rights and Responsibilities

As an applicant, you are entitled to a fair, consistent experience during the character review process, and timely, respectful correspondence with your reviewer. If you feel that you have not received such treatment, please approach the Character Review Head or a Deputy and explain the situation. Please understand that reviewers do occasionally get busy, so do expect brief delays between communications. In the event that you wait an unreasonable amount of time for a response (currently defined as a week, though this is unusual), please contact the Character Review Department and we will assign you a new reviewer. Furthermore, you have the right to reject recommendations advanced by your reviewer, but not illegalities; these should be clearly distinguished from one another during your review.

Conversely, as an applicant, you have some responsibilities. First, please act respectfully -- both in your communication with your reviewer, and in terms of the characters you submit. Second, in the event that you cannot respond in a timely fashion yourself, please notify your reviewer. Sheets that go "stale" due to applicant inactivity may be marked as Withdrawn by the Character Review Head (or a Deputy) to free up their reviewer, in which case approaching the Character Review Department upon your return would be required to start things up again. Finally, you are responsible for fixing all illegalities that the reviewer identifies before being marked as approved.

Character Review Rewards Structure

Members of the character review department may earn GMP in the following ways:

  • 2 GMP for reviewing a sheet.
  • 1 GMP for reviewing a new player's sheet.
  • 1 GMP for reviewing a sheet that has been claimed within 3 days.
  • An additional 1 to 3 GMP for difficult sheets, at the discretion of the Character Review Head or a Character Review Deputy.

Character review minions may receive additional GMP for efforts expended within the scope of the department, with approval from the Character Review Head or a Deputy. Example activities include exceptional participation in the channels, advocacy and engagement on general Shadowrun forums, and writing guides and other documentation that may assist people with character creation.

Contact Information

Feel free to ask any questions on the Discord channel, #ooc-chargen. We're here to help!

For any issues, suggestions, or hate mail, the current Character Review Head is Mason.