Code Of Conduct

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None of these rules are final. Final decisions are based entirely at the discretion of Moderators and Senate

General Conduct

  • Act in a way that allows everyone involved to have fun.
  • If a topic makes someone uncomfortable, drop said topic. Move it to direct messages with others involved if you wish to continue the conversation.
  • Avoid all political topics, these topics are divisive and can easily cause raised tensions.
  • Avoid vulgar and sexual topics outside of the NSFW channel. That is the only channel on the server where such topics are acceptable.
  • If a Moderator or Senate member asks for a topic to be dropped, or for people to take a step back to calm down, do so immediately.
  • Do not argue with the Rules team. If you disagree with a ruling, please post it on the current rules thread for consideration.
  • There is no tolerance for slurs or insults of any kind. This includes racial slurs, cultural slurs and transphobic slurs.
  • Likewise, we do not allow any type of threat, aggression or intolerance of people, their beliefs, culture and etc.

Conduct during a Run

  • Read the GMs Style Sheet before the run if possible.
  • Try not to speak over others in the run.
  • Do not argue with the GM or the other players. If a problem arises with uncertain rules, post the question in the rules channel.
    • If the rule is not found quickly, allow the GM to rule
  • If a topic in the run causes you or others to be uncomfortable, you may ask for it to be glossed over or fade to black.
    • Most runs should have an OOC note if they deal with such a topic, in which case you should simply not apply for the run.
  • Let everyone get a chance to speak and act. Interrupting others, or trying to control their actions is unacceptable.
  • Any form of PVP during a run takes the consent of all involved players and the GM. Attempting to pressure anyone into PVP is unacceptable.