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The group was hired by Charon, the leader of a group of essentially organized shadowrunners called The Ferrymen. They are to head to a metaplane, where a previous group vanished after being sent to investigate for Relics to sell. They collected most of the items with ease, only having to fight the holders of them in three of the areas, a strong Beast spirit that tired those it damaged, a blood spirit, and a Shade. They collected more items along the way to the end goal, Ruiner having to fight an Avatar of Berserker that was imprisoned there. In the end location awaited The Warden, who regretfully sentenced them as Innocent, and allowed them to leave. They ended up staying faithful to the Johnson, even with an alternate offer levied by a mystery group. Ruiner keeping a shield Qi focus, Frost keeping a sword retrieved. Ruiner also became qualified for Perfect Time due to his high stress fight with Berserker, and Kephra became qualified for the next level of Focused Concentration due to the constant flashes of memory imposed by the relics.


Ruiner, Kephra, Mr. Frost, Kitty, Aquarius, Whiskey

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