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Burke the Gianelli muscel organised a group of runners to do some work for him.

The Gianelli had written a blank check for a team of runners, offering to cover all expenses and offering the use of man power of the Vory and Yellow Lotus to complete the mission.

The team was to hit the Oyabun of the Shotozuma-gumi who lived in Tokyo Japan.

Step one was to get him out of hiding, he was currently staying at his summer palace, which would have been like hitting him in a fortress.

They did this by destabilizing the ranks of the Kyodai (The Big Brothers) of the organisation.

Spokane hit one of the personal security of the Head of Operations for the smuggling operations of the Shotozuma-Gumi (SG) using methods often used by the SG's enforcer of the smuggling department

The Operations manager's paranoia lead him to point fingers at the Enforcer, requiring intervention from the higher ups, as infighting began the Oyabun was called in to sort the issue.

The Oyabun held a meeting at the Hie Shrine in an MCT ET zone, the team in disguise planted explosives within the shrine.

As the Oyabun arrived with the Shatiegashira (Second Lieutenant) at the shrine and both were almost immediately blown up.

The crew left home for Seattle that day.


Mr. Frost, Pulsante, Spokane, Fox

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

The Second Lieutenant and Oyabun of the Shotozuma-gumi was killed no evidence was found of who did it yet.