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Contact Types and Stats

The new system has a variety of contact types who leverage their contact stats in different ways.


The mechanically relevant stats are

  • Connection
  • Loyalty
  • Type
  • Skills
  • Powers
  • Favor balance


Personal contacts are unique to players. Even if a GM awards the same contact to several players, that contact is tracked separately for the different players, with their own stat values. If the contact should die, the character who got the contact killed loses them; other characters may rename the contact or lose them, at their discretion. Note, certain contact powers might remove or alter this instancing rule.


Contacts will not edge unless specifically stated on NET contacts. Any roll made by a contact stands as-is, as they need their own edge (if they have any) to survive on a regular basis.


Characters can ask contacts for favors for some services. If a character owes a contact a favor, they can’t ask that contact for a favor again until they balance the books. Additionally, a character may earn favors with a contact and thus have a positive balance.

Contacts will request compensation for favours according to Run Faster's "I Owe You One (Gaining Chips)" on page 176 where a contact will request either 2 favours equal to the rating of the original favour, or 1 favour equal to (rating of the original favour*2), up to a cap of 6. Meaning R4 and above favours will always require 2 favours to be square with the contact again.

At the end of every month where a character paid rent, they can make one of their owed favors go away up to R6.

Favors and chips (from Run Faster) are interchangeable, do not cost RVP, and can be cleared through public or private runs. We will continue to trust players to keep track of their own favors and chips. Please do not abuse this trust.


A contact is a great way for your character to do things. Knowing people is great. The problem is, other people know you know people. And some people are a liability. Loyalty affects how likely a contact is to have your back.

Loyalty Effect
1 Will sell information on your actions with them, if approached. May refuse and contact the runner for significantly more hush money.
2 Will sell information if offered significant profit, or if threatened. May also refuse and contact the runner for more hush money.
3 Won't sell information. May contact the runner for more hush money. They will only give up information under threat.
4 Will inform you someone was asking around.
5 Will actively cover for you.
6 Will endure torture for you.


The Types of contact we have at the moment are:

  • Fixer
  • Gear
  • Info Broker
  • Legwork
  • Service
  • Street Doctor
  • Teacher
  • Alchemist
  • Group Contacts

For details on their mechanics, see the below section #Contact_Types

Contact Progression

Upgrading from the Old System

See [Contact Rules/Converting From Old System /Converting From Old System]

Contact Upgrade Points (CUPs)

Every time you complete a run, you gain a contact point. Every time you earn a street cred, by normal karmic progression or as a special run reward, you gain two Contact Upgrade Points. Every month where your character pays rent (i.e., has at least one run) you gain five Contact Upgrade Points. Contact Upgrade Points are an abstraction that represent time spent with your contacts and your broader reputation. You can spend them to improve contacts or buy new ones. You can still always improve contacts based on things that happen in runs, at GM discretion.

Purchasing and Upgrading Contacts

Purchasing new contacts and upgrading existing contacts is done through a currency referred to as CUPs (contact upgrade points). The general formula for upgrading is half of the new attribute, rounded up, except fixers are double cost and the 6th point is double cost. At this time, there is no way to upgrade past 6 connection or loyalty without a private run.

The following table can be used as a reference:

Action Cost
New 1/1 3
Upgrade Connection/Loyalty to 2 1 (2 for Fixers)
Upgrade Connection/Loyalty to 3 2 (4 for Fixers)
Upgrade Connection/Loyalty to 4 2 (4 for Fixers)
Upgrade Connection/Loyalty to 5 3 (6 for Fixers)
Upgrade Connection/Loyalty to 6 6 (12 for Fixers)

Note: Better Than Bad street cred improvements for contacts cannot be used for contact upgrades at this time

Warning: If your contact has lost loyalty for any reason (say, because you failed to return an item you borrowed, got them in trouble, or led KE to their door) you can’t improve their loyalty further with Contact Upgrade Points until you’ve completed a private run or improved their loyalty with a run reward (GM discretion).


You buy contacts at chargen as normal, and assign any special powers or skills the contact might have (as defined below) at that time. Chargen contacts don’t owe you favors. One of your contacts at gen needs to be a fixer.

NET Contacts

Instead of normal contacts as described in this document, you can also obtain NET contacts, which follow entirely different rules described here

  • You may lower the loyalty of a net contact during chargen (connection is fixed though and all other requierments to take a certain contact still apply).

Contact Limitations

You can’t have a current player character, or Named NPC from a Shadowrun sourcebook as a contact. Retired player characters are allowed as contacts if the original player gives permission to use their former character, this works in the same way that GM awarded contacts with the “one for all” power work, the original player is expected to keep track of their contact and who has it. Drakes may only be given out by GMs as run rewards due to their lore significance. Free spirits if chosen as a contact will be of an indeterminate force, if for whatever reason force becomes relevant the GM of the run it happens on will be able to set a temporary force, free spirit contacts that a GM awards may have a force set by the GM who gives the contact out. Contacts almost exclusively act in the supportive roles outlined below, and only deviate in exceptional circumstances (i.e., when the GM tells you). So you can have an AI contact, but they probably won’t hack for you. They might, however, have a floor plan (especially if, say, they’re an info broker)

(Non-Great) Dragons may be given as contacts as a run reward with the following restrictions:

must be at least connection 7, can only be raised above loyalty 3 with an additional run, runs that award them must be approved by GM and Lore Heads

Contact Types

Personal contacts fall into one of six categories. As their connection increases, they get bonus powers from the contact bonus power list. The player chooses what powers their contacts get from improvement, but the GM chooses the powers new run reward contacts come with.

Contacts that can purchase Gear can have their dice pools temporarily increased using the rules on page 418 of the CRB, paying (25-400%) of the items price in exchange for (1-12) bonus dice (one per 25%)


Fixers are powerful; but everything has a price. Part of the price is that fixers cost twice as much CUP to improve as other contacts; part of the price is in Nuyen. A fixer charges fees, based on their loyalty:

Fees and Markups

Loyalty Finder's Fee Legwork Markup Special
1 25% 200% Might Sell You Out
2 20% 150%
3 15% 100%
4 10% 50%
5 5% 25% Gives Advice
6 0% 10% Gives Advice Twice


Connection Gear/Knowledge Dice Legwork Dice Special
1 6 2+L
2 8 4+L
3 10 6+L
4 12 8+L Bonus Power
5 14 10+L
6 16 12+L
+1 +1 +2 +2

Fixers roll the same amount of dice that a Legwork contact does (C*2+L) for Legwork and Networking and you still roll Charisma + Negotiation + Loyalty for free hits -- but the price of the non-free hits is increased by the Fixer’s Legwork Markup on the table above. You can’t spend a favor to get all the legwork for free (“I’ve got expenses, Omae.”)

Fixers have knowledge skills only on Johnsons and the Shadow Community.

Fixers can roll for gear like a gear contact does (C*2+4), but for any kind of gear. Fixers charge a finder’s fee based on their Loyalty for all gear, and aren’t able to give effective net hits. They can fence any kind of gear, but at only 5% of its value per point of loyalty. For a favor, Fixers can waive their Finder's Fee.

It’s not all bad. Loyalty 5 fixers will give you advice while doing legwork, once per run. This ability lets you call up your fixer and ask for advice. This is essentially an in-character way to ask the GM for a hint on what to do next, if the run is getting some run paralysis. At Loyalty 6, Fixers will give you advice twice.


Gear contacts are really good at getting gear in their category. Most of their abilities are based on their connection.

Connection Max Availability for Gear W/O Rolling Dice for Getting Gear Knowledge Skill Dice Special
1 7 8 7 2 Knowledge Skills
2 8 10 8
3 9 12 9 Bonus Power
4 10 14 10 Extra Knowledge Skill
5 11 16 11
6 12 18 12 Bonus Power
+1 +1 +2 +1 +1 Knowledge Skill at 7 and 10+1 Bonus Power at 9 and 12

A gear contact must have a gear type: Armor/Clothing, Drugs/Toxins, Weapons/Ammo, Magic, Vehicles/Drones/Electronics/Software, Animals/Animal Gear, or SINs and Licenses. (Not all gear is represented in these categories, or intended to be; just most. The Rules department is the ultimate arbiter on whether gear is in a contact’s “field” or not).

Gear contacts can’t do legwork; they only information they can offer comes from their knowledge skills. They can network, but only with other merchants in their field; they roll 2*C + L dice for this.

Gear contacts will have the facilities to accommodate purchases made through said contact and appropriate mods. Example: A Vehicles contact will have the facilities to install chameleon coating on a car purchased through them, an arms dealer can install mods for their firearms. They will not fix a crashed car or a bricked deck.

At every even point of Loyalty (2, 4, and 6), Gear Contacts will gain an effective NET hit whenever they successfully acquire gear. This effectively halves the delivery time at each even point of Loyalty.

Info Broker

An info broker can get you information about almost anything -- for a price. Info brokers don’t roll; they automatically get hits equal to C + 2. Buying these hits, though, gets more and more expensive, though it gets cheaper with more loyalty. Info brokers can never gain mechanical benefit past 3 loyalty, and must choose between Silent and Data Broker powers.

Hits Total Price (1 Loyalty) Total Price (2 Loyalty) Total Price (3 Loyalty)
1 200 200 200
2 800 200 200
3 1800 800 200
4 3200 1800 800
5 5000 3200 1800
6 7200 5000 3200
7 9800 7200 5000
8 12800 9800 7200


Hits2 *200 (Hits-1)2 *200 (Hits-2)2 *200

Alternatively, the Info Broker might give the info for free if the players recover some paydata for him (GM’s discretion).


Most contacts are Legwork contacts. When asking around their network for information they roll C*2 + L , and generally charge 200 nuyen per hit (it’s up to the GM) -- but characters can roll Charisma + Negotiation + Loyalty, and the legwork contact will give them that many hits for free. If you spend a favor, they’ll give you all their hits for free. They roll the same dice for networking (setting up meetings), charge the same per hit, and you make the same Charisma + Negotiation + Loyalty roll to get free hits. This roll benefits from Networker.

Legwork contacts are freer with their knowledge skills.They have 2 + C/2 (round up) knowledge skills, and roll C*2 + 6 dice in each. This roll benefits from Expert Legworker.

Legwork contacts get bonus powers the fastest; they gain one at two connection, another at four, and another every two points of connection thereafter.


Service contacts are contacts that you call to do something active for you. This can be legal, or illegal work, the contact doesn't really mind. Service contacts choose a number of active skills as indicated on the table below, and have dice pools as shown. No Combat, Cracking Skill Group or MAG/RES linked skills can be chosen. Service contacts can provide information by using the Active Skills as Knowledge Skills at a lower dice pool. They gain extra powers and knowledge as indicated.

Connection Number of Active Skills Active Skill Dice Pool Knowledge Skill Dice Pool Special
1 1 6 4 Bonus Power
2 1 8 5 Extra Knowledge Skill
3 2 10 6 Bonus Power
4 2 12 7
5 3 14 8
6 3 16 9
C C/2 4+2xC C+3

Service contacts charge a fee per action / roll / extended test required. Service contacts cost Connection x 200¥ to employ. Ensuring they do a good job also has a cost of Connection x 100¥ x [Limit] (Player specified). Loyal contacts are more willing to put effort into a task without payment. If a player specifies a limit less than the contacts Loyalty, the only cost is the Connection x 200 employ cost.

Asking a Service contact to do something that will attract attention, possibly be traced back to them, or place them in danger has an additional cost of a Favor. Further, a service contact will never do something that falls in the domain of a gear contact: (Ex: Armorer service doing something that would be the domain of the Tailor gear contact.)

Street Doctor

Street Docs count as Gear contacts for Cyberware, Bioware and other augmentations, as well as medical supplies and legal (i.e., not restricted or forbidden) drugs. They also have medical skills -- a street doc rolls 12+C*2 for all biotech skills, including First Aid and Medicine.

Medical care costs 500 nuyen if it takes less than 2 hours, and 1500 per day if it takes more. For medical care, they offer a discount of 20% per point of loyalty (at Loyalty 5, they’ll patch you up for free). At loyalty 6, they’ll come to you. They gain a bonus power every three connection (rounded down).


The Teacher contact works very similarly to the Sensei quality. Each teacher has an associated skill group, and can train you up to rating C*2 (max 12). They charge half as much as a regular teacher, and an extra 10% less for every point of loyalty. (At loyalty 5 they are free). At loyalty 6 they will train you up to C+7 in one skill in their skill group. A Teacher has no bonus powers, and can’t do legwork; all of their time is spent honing their skills and teaching them. They may reduce the nuyen cost of training specializations for skills they will teach you, as well as martial arts (if they are a close combat Teacher)

and if they are a Teacher for the Sorcery/Enchanting/Electronics groups, they may roll [(connection * 2)+loyalty)], limited by Loyalty, and add the hits to your dicepool for learning spells/rituals/complex forms/preparations. This costs 500 nuyen per spell/form, and cannot be reduced


Alchemists, unsurprisingly, do Alchemy. They can provide you with alchemical preparations, and some can even make more complicated compounds. Be careful though, if the alchemist feel that associating with criminals is more hassle than it’s worth, they’ll ditch you in a hurry.

Alchemists are capped at 6 Connection.

Contacts can make preparations up to 2+Connection in Force, with a Potency of Connection/3, rounded up. The cost of these depends on loyalty, per the table below. These may have the Time or Contact triggers.

Loyalty Price per Points of Force
1/2 300
3/4 250
5/6 200

An Alchemist is willing to make you a number of different preparations equal to Loyalty-1, to a minimum of 1. These are chosen when you acquire the contact, or when the Loyalty is bumped.

Alchemist contacts may not make you Combat preparations, Mental Manipulation spells, nor may they make you [Element] Aura, Petrify or Turn to Goo preparations. They also can’t make any preparation normally banned from PC use, such as Toxic or Blood spells.

If a law enforcement agency or other powerful identity is able to trace the signature of a preparation back to the Alchemist, standard rules for Loyalty apply. Afterwards, their Loyalty to you is reduced by 3 as they give you an earful about opsec and not leaving tracks. (This reduction happens after any relevant loyalty tests). This reduction also reduces the number of Preparations the contact is willing to sell you. If this causes Loyalty to reach 0, you lose the contact.

Alchemists gain powers for every even 3 points of Connection (3,6,9).


They serve as any contact type, even during runs, however their powers are static during runs. At the beginning of the run, or when you first use them on that run you select their powers. They have a number of powers equal to half their connection (round up). I.e. a connection seven has four powers, while a connection four has two powers.

Knowledge skills are as fluid as the contact type, however GMs can decide certain ones are too unreasonable/unlikely for that group to be able to roll for you, or if they can even contact you in the first place.

Upgrading them has a cost of [standard CUP x 4]

Loyalty for group contacts is limited to 1, unless you are part of the group, then it is 3

Contact Bonus Powers

Bonus Powers marked with an asterisk (*) require the use of a favor unless otherwise specified. Powers marked with an octothorpe (#) can be taken multiple times, but must have details specified.

GM Powers

These powers can only be awarded by GMs. They don't take up a slot.

Limited Stats

This power doesn’t count as a bonus power; it can only be awarded by GM. You can’t increase this contact’s stats without run rewards, or possibly without the approval of the GM that gave you the contact. In addition, this contact gains an extra bonus power.

One for All

This power doesn’t count as a bonus power; it can only be awarded by GM. However, if this contact dies, you may not rename it; they’re dead. The GM who created character must be notified if the One for All character dies, so that the rest of the players may be informed of their demise. The GM who gives out the One for All power is responsible for tracking the contact’s connection rating, and what characters have the contact.

Prime Contact

This contact has one custom power that has been approved by the lore head.

We Call You

This contact calls you; you don’t call him. Only GM-specified powers can be used. In addition, this contact gains an extra bonus power.

Standard Powers

These powers can be given to any personal contact by players or GMs. They have no explicit prerequisites, though it's a good idea to use them appropriately. For example, don't give a barrens rat the "Lawyer" power, that's just silly.


 This contact has access to public records or some other similar service, and gains a bonus to finding things in the public or private corporate domain, for a price. Treat as a legwork roll (matrix search) with a +4 modifier.

Back Room

 This contact can provide you a room for legwork. If your legwork attracts attention (You’re traced, tracked), you lose 1d3 loyalty (if loyalty is brought to zero, you lose the contact).


 This contact knows where to lay low. Can provide temporary boltholes up to (Loyalty) days; after that you have to pay for it (as a lifestyle). [Connection determines security rating of where boltholes can be found.] Districts must be specified, and every 2 Connection unlocks an additional district.

Can I borrow that?

 This contact can loan you equipment, or find a source to get it to you. (Favor rating table on page 389 of Core rulebook up to R4). This ability is subject to GM discretion based on the contact and circumstance. Failing to return the borrowed item (or cover the cost of it) results in a loss of 1d3 points of loyalty. If reduced to zero you lose the contact.

Data Broker

 If you find paydata on a run, this contact can help you get more money for it. Only Info Brokers may have this power (ultimately up to GM discretion; if the GM asks if you have a data broker, this power lets you say yes).


This contact creates a distraction in line with their expertise. (GM discretion)

Expert Legwork

 +2 to legwork rolls

Enemy of my Enemy

 This contact has a feud or grudge against a specific group. They will actively and without cost aid runners who reveal plans to harm that group.

Expert Negotiator

 +2 to rolls to find gear.

Extra Knowledge Skill

 Contact gets an extra knowledge skill


 This does not count against the contact’s limit of bonus powers. This contact has a loyalty of one higher than indicated, due to family bonds. They suffer a -1 dice pool penalty due to lowered expectations.


 (Gear contacts only) This contact can fence any item, not just ones in their field, and gives an extra 10% for all fencing.

I Can Teach You That

 This contact provides training in one skill for half the usual price, up to a skill rating of connection rating +3


 You've worked hard to ensure this contact does not know of you as any kind of criminal, completely isolating any transactions from your shadow business. While you may have asked illegal questions or bought illegal items, the contact only knows you as a legitimate person with a small amount of grey business at worst. If strong evidence of this contact’s involvement with your criminal activity is brought to this contact, you will need to take drastic action to prevent this contact from burning you. (Incompatible with Authority or Organised Crime)

Inside Man

This contact can get you into a place, usually a place they work at, or tend to frequent. Causing a scene once you’re inside will reduce their loyalty by 1d3; if reduced to zero you lose the contact (You got me fired!).


 This contact can try to get you out of jail, or help you with legal issues. They get +4 to legal related rolls. (Other abilities at GM discretion)

Legitimate Work

 This contact will conduct mostly legal work for you at discount rates. They will use whatever facilities, skills or tools they have access to. One of this contact’s knowledge skills becomes an active skill with the same dice pool. Legitimate Work can only be used to provide goods and services for which there is no mechanical description.


 This contact is really good at networking, and gets a +4 to networking rolls.

Own agenda

 This contact has an agenda, and will always have a favour or request to ask before they will help you. If this is completed / agreed to then they will do an exceptional job on whatever you asked them to do. They gain +4 dice where relevant.

Side Business (Fixer's Only)

 This Fixer has a side business distributing some form of gear. Choose a gear category. The Fixer will not charge a Finder's Fee for this gear category.


 This contact’s reputation is based on discretion and anonymity. Treat as having a loyalty of three higher than normal when people ask for information. This applies to the player as well, this contact will not give information about other people they have direct dealings with.

Smooth talking

This contact is able to attend and fit in well at social events (Choose one of Underworld, High Society or Corporate). While present with you or after a prepared coaching session, they will provide up to their Connection in social teamwork dice.


Can smuggle things from point A to point B. Generally costs nuyen (GM Discretion)

Special Work Area

This contact will give you access to their lodge/workshop/etc. Tool Kit at C1, Shop at C2? Facility at 4. Lodges, where relevant, at Force C*2+4.

That’s Available

 Increase the availability for which the contact can get gear without rolling by one.

Authority Bonus Powers

This contact has a connection to the authorities. Favors and legwork have more reach, but requests may be refused. They must get the "Authority" power first, at which point they can get the other powers.


 This contact is an active member of a law enforcement, government or corporate security organisation. They must be either Corrupt or Incorruptible. This power is free. (Incompatible with Innocence and Organized Crime)

  • A Corrupt Authority contact can select Bonus Powers outside the of the Authority group. They will knowingly assist you with illegal actions. They are treated as having a loyalty of one lower than normal when people ask about you.
  • An Incorruptible Authority contact cannot take Bonus Powers outside the Authority group. They will not knowingly assist runners with illegal actions. They are treated as having a loyalty of one higher than normal when people ask about you.


 This contact can get you medical, police or fire services without having to deal with contract numbers or payment plans. If the contact is Corrupt, they will not record your SIN. (Requires Authority)

Find Me Some Evidence

 This contact can lend you illegal equipment from the Evidence locker, for nuyen and a favor, but make sure it’s involved in a crime, generating more evidence. (Requires Corrupt Authority)

Force of Law

 This contact will engage in legal enforcement against a target. If the contact is Incorruptible this legal enforcement must target illegal activity, but will permanently remove the target. (Requires Authority)

Good Cop, Bad Cop

 Telling people you'll start to involve someone who is known to work by the book can be effective. When you name drop this contact, gain up to their Connection in teamwork dice towards Con, Intimidation or Negotiation.(Requires Incorruptible Authority)

Internal Affairs

 Will act internally against Corrupt Authority. Will give runners heads up when Corrupt Authority is bypassing procedure to respond or investigate runners. (Requires Incorruptible Authority)

Long Arm of the Law

 This contact accepts that sometimes, the best way to stop criminals is with criminals. They will actively and without cost give information on criminal personalities and organisations to characters. They still don’t want to know what you plan to do with the information. (Requires Incorruptible Authority)

Quick Processing

 The contact can speed up the handling of an issue in their purview towards approval or denial. The issue is resolved in (14 - 2 x Connection) hours. If the contact is Corrupt the runners can specify the outcome. (Requires Authority)

Organized Crime

These powers are for contacts that are involved with some form of Organized Crime. They must get the "Organized Crime" power first, at which point they can get the other powers.

Organized Crime

 This contact is a member of an organized crime Syndicate (Choose One). If the contact finds out that you're working against their Syndicate, they'll immediately lose 1d3 Loyalty. If it's reduced to 0, you lose the contact. This power is free. (Incompatible with Authority and Innocence)


 (Requires Organized Crime) This contact has a method of getting rid of bodies or other evidence. Treat as removing physical evidence, applying C Squared (Rating 6), and scrubbing astral signatures. (Requires C 3+) Requires uninterrupted access to the crime scene for 80 minutes - C*10 minutes, minimum 20 minutes. Does not include transit time.

Keep It In The Family

 (Requires Organized Crime) This contact can provide any service that any contact of their Connection and Loyalty could provide, at an additional cost of C*500 nuyen. They use their own C/L for the service.

Loan Shark

 (Requires Organized Crime) This contact will loan you gear or resources equal to (5000*Connection). You have to pay back the gear or value plus 1000 nuyen at the end of the run. If you can’t, lose the contact (and possibly gain the Wanted quality)

Somewhere to Lay Low

 (Requires Organized Crime) This contact can provide you somewhere to lay low, can be used by the whole team, for stolen goods, and is more comfortable than a bolthole.

Alchemist Powers

Alchemy Prime

This Alchemist has the necessary connections to provide a courier service for their preparations. They can get the goods you ordered to any public area in Seattle within an hour, preserved in a Vault of Ages (no, you don’t get to keep that). This increases the price of your whole order by 20%, rounded up.

Expert Alchemist

The maximum Force of this Alchemist’s preparations is increased by 1. This also affects the price.


The Alchemist and you are closer than most, and they trust you. There’s more wiggle room between you. If law enforcement tracks down this alchemist, loyalty is decreased by 1 rather than 3.

Special Work Area

Alchemists may take this power for a lodge, of the appropriate Force. This doesn’t help them much with the creation of preps, but it does help protect them from being tracked down.

Compound Alchemist

This Alchemist has mastered the art of making alchemical compounds, and can provide these to the PCs at a cost of 500 nuyen per Force. They can not provide you with Lot’s Curse. It is also worth pointing out that Command trigger compounds must be triggered by the alchemist, and the alchemist will not accompany you on runs.

Flexible Signature

The Alchemist is an initiate with the Flexible Signature metamagic. Preps with a Force lower than or equal to Connection leave no astral signature.

Versatile Alchemist

When making preparations, this alchemist may reduce Force by 4 points to increase Potency by 1. Additionally, they have access to the Advanced Triggers from Street Grimoire (bearing in mind that Command Triggers must be triggered by the alchemist who made the preparations)

Durable Preparations

This Alchemist’s preparations are extra durable, as if they had the Durable Preparations mastery quality from Forbidden Arcana.