Contact Rules/Converting From Old System

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Personal Contacts

If you had Personal Contacts, they can be seamlessly moved over to the new system. If you have contacts awarded by a GM, they have a grace period of 1 week from now, ending at 00:01 AM UTC, September 3rd, in which you must contact them and request them to give you the contact's abilities under the new system. If they decline to do so, or if the period elapses without them doing so, you are free to give the contacts powers as you see fit.

For all your personal contacts, choose their type and assign them Knowledge skills and bonus powers as appropriate to their types. If the contact was awarded by a GM, you can either wait for that GM to make a writeup for the contact, or change its name to something else.

In addition, you don't have to assign knowledge skills or bonus powers immediately. You can wait until they're needed, at which point you can assign them and they'll take up a slot permanently. New contacts going forward must have their slots filled as they gain them.

To get your starting Contact Upgrade Points as of the changeover, first refund all SC you've spent on upgrading contacts, reducing their Connection or Loyalty as appropriate. If you bought Contacts with SC, note that down. Then, gain CUP equal to twice your post-refund SC. Then, spend your Contact Upgrade Points as you see fit.

Old NET contacts

If you had an old NET contact, and you paid RVP (karma, Nuyen, GMP) for it, you will get a refund of the RVP cost you paid for the contact, and you no longer have that contact. If you used the free Contact Upgrade Points you got from charisma at chargen to buy a NET contact, change that contact’s name and choose a new archetype for it. (It gets bonus powers -- see below -- as normal). If you got a NET contact as a run reward, you get back GMP equal to its connection plus loyalty minus one. If you spent SC on upgrading a NET Contact, refund the SC, then refund the GMP as listed in the table below. This SC will be counted for determining your starting Contact Upgrade Points.

Contact Name GMP Refund (Purchased)
Amber Swift 5
Angus McGregor 6
Baron Apollo 7
Bidane Jasco 7
Bruno Jones 6
Celtic and Professor 6
Clayton Crawford 6
Deacon Hayes 6
Dr. Emma Faulk 7
Dr. Sharps 9
Fandango, The Cleaner 5
Joey Buck-Teeth 7
Kairi, The Star Forger 8
Lilac 4
Marie Legrand 8
Mr. Croaker 4
Mr. Wong 6
Mustang 13
Nitelite 5
Picardo Firsco 5
Plasma Vortex 15
Sovereign Nix 8