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See the NET contacts reddit megathread at OR

You can raise Net Contacts’ loyalty with Contact Upgrade Points, but their connection is fixed; only Metaplots will change that. You can pay a NET contact’s cost either in karma, or in nuyen, at a rate of 2,000 nuyen to 1 point of karma. You can also use GMP to buy contacts.

Net Contacts should either be able to do something that no other contact can do, or be really cheap. It’s often best to start with mechanics and work backwards; a good strategy is to start with a Personal Contact type (Gear, Legwork, Fixer, etc.) and add additional abilities on top of that. The best practice is to compare and cost new contacts based on the existing ones.

If a NET contact is killed, Lore Department will create a new, mechanically equivalent contact to replace them. Their powers may change in some aspects as part of this. The players responsible for the NET Contact's death will lose the contact entirely. Everyone else who had that Contact will be allowed to switch to its replacement for free.