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The runners were invited to The Gidget by an EVO Johnson. The run was to intercept the the black ops research ship RV Darwin, on its way from Asamondo to the Proteus AG arcology close to Vancouver. The runners were to get a sample of weaponized HMHVV II and the research data on Project Hellhound. After a difficult jump from a VTOL onto the Pacific ocean, Brutal's pheromones aused bull sharks to attack the team and try to force mate with Brutal. After Brutal killed the sharks the team boarded the ship and initially used stealth to take out two mercenaries after which a full blown combat ensued. The runners defeated the heavily armed and armored mercs, took out the automated HMG and defeated their leader and ork alchemist archer. In all this chaos the specimens of Project Hellhound were released. These were genetically modified Loup Garou with Narco spliced into their genome and pumped full of kamikaze. The rampaging infected, tore apart the research crew and ambushed the runners. All except Brutal were knocked out. Brutal managed to finish off the remaining infected and extracted the team with the HMHVV II prototype canister and research files. Luin was infected but was able to recover thanks to EVO medical aid. EVO will now prefect Project Hellound, taking it to phase II


Brutal, Ruiner, Luin, Cassius

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

or 68000 nuyen worth of ware (upto betaware) or magical goods (upto avail 19)