Containment Breach

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The runners were recruited by The Foundation, I mean, Screws and Cups Proprietaries to extract a necklace from the Hamptons Research Clinic. Investigation revealed a hidden secondary host. The plan became to break in through the loading bay, find the item, and leave. Once inside the plan changed to "steal all of the things, get more money". There was no Astral Security, because a thing was eating magic in the area periodically.

End result: One Necklace (A.I.-555: Depth Seeker), One bowling ball sized geode that was a natural computer (A.I.-650: Geode), an early 21st century laptop (A.I.-079), and a deep black crystal orb (A.I.-050: The Heart Of The Void). They were successfully turned over into Foundation hands, and the Runners were offered jobs. Only Progress and Toast accepted, becoming official members of the Foundation. The rest became unofficial members of MTF-Delta-14 "Cash Hounds".


Progress, Icarus, Biohazard, Manabolt, Toast Knight Omega

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Alternate offer of Limited Corporate SIN for the Foundation (Changes company names every time it's deployed, all have the initials of S.C.P.)

No matter what reward option was picked, each Runner got a jacket with a MTF-Delta-14 patch on it.