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The runnerteam was called to meet at a fancy bar. Mr Johnson then explained that he needed the team to blow up a Dam in Aztlan, explaining that it would destroy several military facilities and research plants. The team agrees, albeit Adrestia threatens the Johnson if he was lying to her about it not effecting civilians.

The team are deployed via a specialised VTOL equipped with stealth and various other systems. Once dropped into the jungle near the Dam's site they hack into the Host, disabling the camera systems and gaining access to the security doors.

Once in the depths of the Dam they plant several explosives and sneak past several workers and guards. This all goes according to plan until they reach the pump room, where a blood spirit spots them. The team dispatch it with relative ease, but the alarm to evacuate the DAM has now been sounded. The team make it to the final area needed to have explosives placed but learn from looking at the control rooms computer that it would flood several agricultural and residential areas on top of the targets the Johnson had mentioned.

The team decided unilaterally not to go through with the destruction of the Dam and contacted Mr Johnson, the conversation got heated until the Johnson sent him his location in a bout of anger and frustration.

The VTOL came to pick up the team as usual, and brought them back to Seattle without incident. There they confronted the Johnson, who turned out to be nothing more than a frail old man in a wheelchair. After a lengthy conversation it was revealed the Johnson was a former Aztechnology Mercenary, who lamented and regretted his past actions, seeing this Dam's destruction as some means to make up for it.

After more discussion, Adrestia shot the man in his knee, almost killing him before his Nurse stabilised him. The other runners quickly came to the Johnsons aid and stopped Adrestia from killing him. Not much longer, the runners decided to leave the man in peace, only taking money to recoup the cost of their equipment. Adrestia decided to take a more sizable sum from the man, to donate to charity.


Adrestia, Poncho, Fengbao, Escravo, Tamp

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Things of Note

Adriesta given an alternative reward of 45000 Nuyen and 5 karma.