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Gender Male
Race Oni
Aura Type Awakened
Essence 4.42
Primary Role Samurai
Secondary Role Summoner
Player Spieo

Basic Info

birthday: may 21st Dragon zodiac, even if that's not literally his year

His shinto teacher was a lady kitsune whose last name was Suzuki

Second in command of the Kogoshi Kai, which has recently taken over the majority of the Shotozumi Gumi's assets


Nozomi and Eiji Kogashi were a set of twins, born into a proud japanese family on the Yomi Island. It was their duty, from birth to train to be bodyguards for the warlord Junichiro, a harsh but fair Koborokuru man.

Their lives were devoted entirely to him, in the way that most Oni were to their superiors, strictly following the re-embelished Bushido Code 2.0, as such, what they wanted in life didn’t matter so much as what Junichiro wanted them to want.

As the twins began to physically mature, Junichiro kept an eye on them, testing and hoping for one, if not both children to awaken. Since neither twin did come their twelfth birthday, he began acting on turning them into heavily augmented honor-guards. Starting with Nozomi.

They tore from her her limbs, and replaced them with heavily augmented synthetic arms built on the limits of what would be considered ‘Legal’ and ‘Morally Acceptable’. The sheer power in her limbs took a hefty toll on her body, but they turned her into a savage weapon capable of cutting down any opposition. Trained extensively with a blade, and taught how to work her way through people’s minds with her words, Nozomi became “Hikari” or, Light. The right hand woman to the lord.

This whole process of augmenting the girl took nearly two years of physical therapy and repeated repairs from her body burning out from the near-constant overloading of her body’s physical capabilities.

When it finally came time to begin with Eiji’s augmentations, they had barely gotten started when he awakened. During the time that they were plotting out the augmentations Eiji would receive, and Nozami was getting used to her augmentations, the younger twin received a more spiritual education. Becoming trained as a Kannushi, or a tender of their shrines, may have been what triggered his awakening, as near the near the end of his training it became obvious that he had an aptitude for speaking with the Kami that the family followed.

Once his spiritual training was completed, and he was outfitted with minimal augments, he joined his other half in training. Sparring with Nozomi until they had both been refined into proper weapons for their lord to use. He was transformed from Eiji to “Dāku” or “dark”. The left hand to the lord, carrying out his will from the shadows with poisons and hidden magic, when not seen at his side with Hikari.

Junichiro’s life was coming to a close, what with him growing old. Looking back on his life and three generations of the Kogashi bloodline having served him, he decided that these two were going to be the last. Under orders, Junichiro moved with the twins, and the rest of his “Family” to seattle to establish a foothold in a new country. His death waiting around the corner he informed the twins.

Significant Qualities


1. keep his lord safe 2. expand the power of the Kogoshi Kai 3. become stronger so he can better serve

Appearance and Style

Standing at about 7'5", the Oni is almost entirely lean muscle, much denser than he would appear. He wears a pristine white kimono, a hood attached to the back. His Oni Mask either attached to his belt, or actively worn.

Long wicked horns rise from his forehead, a result of his SURGE. Almost imperceptible gills rest along his chest.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None



Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
23 June 2018Row, row, row your boatSpectre
9 July 2018InfiltrationKephra
Mega Byte