Damaging The Goods

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Key info

Name of run was Damaging The Goods.

Run was GM'd by User:King_Blotto

Run completed on date 2017-06-18 10:30 UTC



Downtown Seattle: Steinhowser Plaza

Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
0Unknowable TruthOrganized ChaosThe bombs were planted by shadowrunners. There is no neo-anarchist group called Organized Chaos100
4Matrix SearchSteinhowser PlazaExplosion at the Steinhowser Plaza, downtown. The source of explosion is apparently due to the sabotage of an expensive mega centrifuge on one of the floors owned by Suzume systems, a reagent manufacturing companyHorizon News Network100
1Matrix SearchOrganized ChaosNeo-anarchist group detonated multiple bombs across the downtown Seattle area, in an apparent, violent protest. Luckily, no one was injured. Their intentions are unclearHorizon News Network20


(TODO: add per character adjustments to rewards, losses, drug use, etc)

Base Karma: 2 Nuyen: 18000

Other Important People

Impact on Setting

  • Explosions in multiple areas on Major Freeways

Misc Data Entry