Dark Horse

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The runners were hired by Whiskey Jed, a fine southern gentleman, ranch and derby owner. His fine business was being ruined by the Yakuza (Shotozumi Gumi) who have installed a "digital derby" in their biggest casino, where AR horses are generated using algorithms with balanced, random stats and the derby is based on pure probability. It boasts itself as the fairest gambling avenue where everyone has an equal chance at winning. The runners were asked to sabotage the operation making it look like the house was cheating. This would ruin the reputation of the gambling house, thus ensuring people go back to the old ways.

The runners were able to scout out club "Equilibirum" in downtown with a close call. During their go time, Go Go was able to get herself hired as a private stripper and prostitute for a Kakei while Turkish and the others came in as a posse from another gumi outside Seattle. With a timed power cut and some magic shenanigans they were able to insert a powerful virus into the mainframe of the digital derby system and used the ensuing chaos to get out. This ruined a promising cash cow of the Shotozumi and a fair one at that. They'll be looking into this later.


Turkish, Go Go, Spectre, Dead-eye, Crash

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Contact reward: Whiskey Jed. 5/2 Critter/Paracritter dealer Knowledge skills: Parazoology, Gambling, Underworld Powers: One for All, Limited Stats (Cannot Raise Connection), Enemy of my Enemy (Yakuza), Can I borrow that? (Unicorn)

"Whiskey" Jedadiah McCallahan is a man human in his late 40s or early 50s. A man with a distinct CAS accent, ranch owner attire and a taste for fine whiskey. Jed owns horse ranch and a racing/gambling track in Snohomish. But he also deals in paracritters on the side and especially an expert in Unicorn breeding