Dark Whispers: Threaten, release, destroy!

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Foundation researcher Professor McDiarmid has gone missing. Operative should find and retrieve the professor, evaluate any risks to Foundation assets, and act to neutralize the active threat.

Progress found the doctor had been kidnapped from his home. He followed a Dissonant trail to a Dissonant Realm of corrupted data and eldritch xenosapient entities. After talking to the Technomancer he was following, he returned to search the house security and discovered a Foundation strike team were the kidnappers from the nearby site-44.

At site-44, he succeeded in deploying emergency containment resources (7-7), interrupting an arcane ritual underway. He retrieved footage of the kidnappers assaulting the facility in full Foundation security gear, which he relayed to Foundation Dispatch for insider threat analysis. The professor had been shot and left for dead, but was found and stabilized, then extracted. Footage revealed that several anomalous items/entities successfully left the facility under their own power, current whereabouts unknown.

The underground facility was destroyed by thermobaric devices, causing no collateral damage outside of seismic anomaly. The professor was delivered to Emma Faulk for medical care. AI-8888 (The Very Large Lizard) was rescued and is currently living in a van (someone will get a pet).



Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Mission counts as a Task (Resonance Realm and dives for information) Progress burned edge to prevent Decaying Dissonance corruption from soaking into his Living Persona on the entirely unnecessary Realm excursion. For containing the situation at site-44, he receives access to Deltaware resources for a single set of augments (one time only). 20k of 50% discounted augments (10RVP worth, 40k effective total) Ability to obtain Focused Concentration upgrade at chargen cost (Dissonance Realm) Ability to obtain Biocompatibility(Bioware) due to interactions between Foundation experimental Delta technology, and his Resonant abilities and Echos.