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Key info

Name of run was Datajack.

Run was GM'd by User:Luciferos

Setting: The Matrix Magic War

Run completed on date 2017-07-22 10:00 UTC. Duration: 6.5 hours.

Runners were hired by Lt. Marc Battle to retrieve documentation on his organization's enemy, Sally Rise, from a secure Horizon-owned facility. To cover up the theft and recoup finances from recent losses, VirAwake hired runners to install attack devices on the facility's SIN Registry mainframes. The site was targeted to achieve both objectives, because their SIN Registry system was poorly guarded for how powerful it is, and because the files they need on Rise are stored in an off-Matrix vault whose location within the facility is not known.

The runners, upon acceptance, are flown to Los Angeles by the smuggler Lothario, and crash out and get some sleep upon arriving at about 5 in the morning. With limited time to complete VirAwake's objective, they use existing dossiers provided by VirAwake hackers on employees of Barreos Marketing, the Horizon subsidiary that runs the facility, and pick out a couple of likely targets. In the meantime, the team acquires uniforms to impersonate the janitorial company that services the facility, and a panel van for the livery. Manabolt scouts the place in the astral, finding a low degree of astral security other than an impressive mana barrier surrounding the SIN registry mainframes, but runs into a mysterious mystic adept perceiving the astral and flees after being attacked.

Cote and Alibi, with their incomparable charms, have more luck and hitting separate clubs, they seduce an executive in charge of building security, and a foppish, mostly useless VP high up the food chain. Combining the data Cote and his Yakuza contacts glean from the security expert with the access of the Executive VP and Alibi's body snatching, the secure vault is located in a secret basement level, and Alibi takes on the face and name of Gary Willis, while the remaining team mugs a cleaning crew from the janitor service for their credentials, ties them up and leaves them knocked out in their van.

On their second day in L.A. with less than 24 hours to complete the mission, the team enters Barreos Marketing in their respective disguises. The flimsy story of being told to "clean the mainframes" gets the janitor crew in when they say their orders came from VP Gary Willis - and Alibi, receiving the call in his stead, informs the guards quite convincingly as a useless, vapid executive should, that he found out that "sterilizing data" is important and that only doing so every six months seems kind of infrequent.

Meanwhile, Alibi's mimicked biometrics get her into the basement secure facility and passed the guards and auto-turrets at the vault. Everything is going well until Gary Willis - whose drug-resistant genemods Alibi's Assensing wasn't quite good enough to detect - wakes up far earlier than anticipated from a chloral hydrate-induced slumber, and he calls in the warning. Being held up by guards outside the fourth and last mainframe they need to data tap, Cote convinces the guards to let them finish their job before the building goes under lockdown, and left with just one watcher, Brutal simply punches the guard's lights out while the others finish installing the tap. Alibi, meanwhile, snatches the last data tape delivered from the automated vault just as the security guards enter and try to grab them, and unleashes their adept speed to knock away the heavy, slow guards' rifles. Even as realization dawns on the security forces that 'Gary Willis' is far more threatening than he appears, Alibi is booking it down the long corridor back to the elevator bank - the only way out of the facility.

The elevator happily allows Alibi in, then promptly goes into lockdown, so they just smash the lock on the emergency roof hatch and, with supernatural prowess once more, scamper four floors in seconds, leaving the ambush of guards mustering in the first floor lobby completely flat-footed and out of position. They charge past the fourth-floor guards protecting the mainframe approach, meet up with the team, and everyone jumps out of a window (aided by Levitate, except for Brutal, who just pulls the flawless superhero landing and guns down a security guard taking aim at Manabolt). The team hops in the van and promptly escapes. Meanwhile, their data taps go off and inject malicious code into the mainframes, accessing and randomly corrupting a large amount of SIN data and causing a major security breach, even as VirAwake's hackers subtly injected their own work into the global registry to perform a large number of SIN edits and cover their own tracks.

The team makes it out of Los Angeles on Lothario's plane, and all seems well until an unexpected barrage of light missile fire attempts to blow the plane out of the air just as they're approaching the north end of Lake Sammamish. Lothario aborts and dumps the runners at the south end of the lake on the Redmond side, and they make an alternate meet location with Battle in Renton, where the Johnson has agreed to remain as their hostage until his organization proves out that their identifications are complete. The runners and the Johnson conclude on amenable terms.

Locations Involved

  • Ziti's on the Water - Italian restaurant on Lake Sammamish in Touristville.
  • Lothario's Catalina II seaplane, Camilla. It's a nice plane.
  • Barreos Marketing - Los Angeles Horizon subsidiary hit by the runners.

Important People

  • Lt. Marc Battle - commander of VirAwake paramilitary forces.
  • Lothario - a skilled smuggler and Fixer with a network that operates throughout the Pacific rim.
  • Sally Rise - an intelligence operative Battle once worked with who blew up a significant portion of Battle's command and other VirAwake assets as revenge for the organization abducting one of her assets. Battle hired the runners to retrieve information on her, and her own assets launched the missile attack on Lothario's plane upon returning to Seattle.

Impact on Setting

The attack on a global SIN registry node is newsworthy but not widespread enough to be a metaplot influence. Some stories would run in the papers for a while about it, and some folks would have their personal data broadcast, and some lives could be ruined.

Facts and Fictions

Runners and Rewards

Base Karma: 3, Nuyen: 4000. The main reward for the run was SIN quality/gear work by the Johnson's faction, and the RVP award of some players was partially or wholly subsumed by SIN.

  • Cote : Took 2 EX, 1 Novacoke, 1 Jazz. (7/23/78) No karma reward. Received only 2000 NuYen. Remaining 15 RVP was paid in removal of the Ex-Con quality. Bought Narco. Bought gradual release Chemical Gland (EX).
  • Manabolt : WFTP 2000 > 1 karma. 5 RVP was paid in removal of the SINner (National) quality. Remaining 6 RVP bought 1 R5 SIN with 9 licenses. Passed addiction test at the start of the run.
  • Alibi : Used Downer, Infiltrator. Took 1 Cram (7/23/78). WFTP 4000 > 2 karma. Remaining 11 RVP bought
  • Brutal : Took Kamikaze (7/23/78). Took standard base reward. Remaining 11 RVP upgraded R4 SIN to R5 and bought 2 extra licenses, and bought 2 more R5 SINs with 6 licenses apiece.
  • Total Group Expenses: 2200 NuYen - janitor disguise bought by Manabolt and Cote for 500 NuYen, upgraded disguise in the form of Ares Industrial with the right patchwork bought by Brutal for 1200 NuYen.


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