Deep In The Oceans Blue

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Key info

Name of run was Deep In The Oceans Blue.

Run was GM'd by LeonardoDeQuirm

Run completed on date 2017-03-11 07:00 UTC

The runners are hired by a pod of Meistersingers to cease a Zeta-Imp chemical factory from polluting Elliot Bay. Through some clever infiltration and sabotage, the runners succeed in publicly exposing the plant's regulation flaunting ways, forcing it to shutter and the Meistersingers to pay them in sunken treasure and tuna (In Jotun's case).


Whale Tale 47.677973, -122.467729

Zeta-Imp Plant 47.590740, -122.390294

Facts and Fiction

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
2Matrix SearchJotunRan into Jotun at Blackout the other day. I swear, that Dwarf practically reeks of Bluefin Tuna these days. Although he certainly seems full...Shadow Community100
4Matrix SearchGearsHeard that Gears guy took out a bit of his frustration on a SK corp kid, and the son of a big exec to boot. SK might have half an eye open on that fragger after this.Shadow Community90



Karma: 11

Nuyen: 28000

Other Important People


{{#display_map: 47.590740, -122.390294 ~Zeta-Imp Plant~Zeta-Imp Plant|width=400|height=400 }}

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