Devil's Bargain

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The team was asked to meet the Johnson at the decker cafe "The Node". From the get go, the run was shady. The Johnson used another proxy Johnson to make the deal with the respective fixers as to keep his/her identity a secret, even from the fixers themselves. At the meeting room, a Faraday caged VIP lounge, the Johnson did not appear, instead communicating remotely over text to speech. The job was to eliminate Douglas Warner in a spectacular fashion. Warner was a prominent lawyer in the city. He endorsed Kenneth Brackhaven, donated large amounts to his election campaign and is a prominent member of the "pro-human" (humanis) lobby, except he takes it a bit beyond and is also an anti-magic lobbyist. He believes that magic should only be in the hands of human members of the Catholic Church, because magic is the root cause of the metahuman cancer. He has not married, is chaste and has donated his entire fortune to the Humanis cause.

Warner is supposed to throw a private fund raising party in 48 hours at the Seattle Marriot, where the runners were to "execute" him, for "the metahuman cause". The Johnson also promised extra pay if the anonymity is kept intact, the assassination is filmed and enough collateral damage is done, including hurting other attendees. The security would be provided by Black Dog Inc. An A rated corp that prides itself for using less than lethal tactics and legal weaponry only. Legwork revealed that Warner only chose human security members and refused astral security, staying true to his cause.

Legwork revealed more info about Warner that he is in fact awakened but is a Null Mage. A former hermetic, his frustration at not being able to cast spells or summon spirits led him down the path of the pariah. His master's thesis was especially controversial and opposing to magic that the head of the dept. at UWAS denied his application for a PhD. Warner then proceeded to become a lawyer and thus began his journey as a Humanis leader. Warner also setup the Warner foundation that encourages alternative ways to deal with magic, basically picking up orphaned awakened and teaching them the path of the pariah.

The runners also discover an encrypted, data bombed file, that contained video file of another Humanis member and an attendee of the party, Angela Hudson, having vigorous intercourse with a male Troll. Hudson is married to ex-senator Will Hudson and Angela was a favorite of Warner and was next in line to take his place and inherit the Warner foundation and his resources. Goldie decided to write an expose about this and secretly called Angela to have an interview. When the nervous and panicked Angela started mixing lies to save her reputation, Goldie and Quietus decided enough is enough and left the scene only to be ambushed by a solo assassin and a little buddy drone, featured to look like a real doll and carrying flashbangs. The plan did not go the assassin's way and he ended up nearly dying. He was captured, interrogated and then allowed to leave when he divulged that Hudson hired him as insurance to see that Goldie doesnt leave the scene without cooperating.

The expose left Warner shocked and the party turned somber as Warner proceeded to berate Hudosn for her betrayal at the opening talk. The team had inserted their SINs into the hotel host and stolen waiter uniforms to infiltrate the place, while Quietus sniped from a vantage point on a nearby building. Panic ensued along with major collateral damage as the showdown began. But the runners had not anticipated Warner's hate of awakened to be that strong. Warner used vexcraft to severely injure Cassius. The rest of the security team used thermal smoke, sonic screech rifles and SnS flechette to cause more damage than the team anticipated. While the security team was wiped out (except one man) they were able to take down all 3 runners present at the scene. They also sacrificed themselves to protect Warner from Quietus' sniper shots for a while before, she finally killed Warner. The team was able to barely exfiltrate the hotel before KE showed up and by virtue of pure luck managed to avoid having their records on KE files.

Everything did no go their way, however, as the Johnson released the video feed to the media, releasing their runner handles and labeling them as anti-human terrorists so killed a philanthropist in cold blood. It was revealed that the Johnson was Octavius Hester, 2nd in line to inherit Warner's legacy. Hester was a micro-deck executive and a skilled adept decker. As to why Warner tolerated Hester being in awakened is unknown. Hester did however pay the runners their fair share.


Quietus, Go Go, Cassius, Golden G4l

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Things of Note

+1 PA for everyone in the team.