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The runners were hired to capture Lupin Enarson, a SURGEd and heavy wared wolf-man who was a security contractor for Evo, on behest of Harold Schmosby, the VP of Protective Services at Battelle Armaments. After tracking Lupin down to Barnum's, the 'freaks' bar he was a patron of, the runners proceeded to infiltrate the EVO compound he lived in and lie in wait for him to enter their ambush. And after a prolonged skirmish, during which Snek was almost torn asunder by Lupin's prized shotgun, the team finally brought him down with an inhuman amount of Neurostun and Snek venom. One hurried car escape later in the modified ROadmaster Lupin had left politely unlocked, the and the team was on their way to the fitting sessions for their bespoke armor.


Eaux Vives, Mew, Snek, Father Steel

Karma Reward


Nuyen Reward


Things of Note

Father Steele burned edge to land a called shot jugular on Lupin to end the fight

Snek burned Edge to smackdown a dodge against a shotgun blast that would have killed her.